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Miami Beach Hosts New Small Business Technical Assistance Training in Partnership with Prospera


[Miami Beach] – The City of Miami Beach Economic Development Department will take the wraps off the Miami Beach Business Academy on Wednesday, May 11.  Starting with a 90-minute introductory webinar starting at 5 p.m. for English speakers and 6:30 p.m. for Spanish speakers. The academy aims to provide business assistance to new, aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs.

“Small businesses are the backbone of the city’s economy. Their ability to prosper, grow and thrive is essential to the long-term viability.  As well as financial health of the city,” explained Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber.

The purpose of the academy is to equip new businesses with the tools to succeed during the early stages of development.  As well as strengthen the operations of more established businesses through a combination of online instruction.  One-on-one counseling, peer support groups, mentoring, thought leadership and other techniques. The launch coincides with International Economic Development Week from May 9-13.

The inaugural programming from the academy will include free, virtual and in-person technical assistance training.  Funded by the Community Development Block Grant — Coronavirus. The introductory webinar includes an overview of the training curriculum, schedule and delivery methods. Interested entrepreneurs can join the webinar via Zoom here.

Miami Beach Business Academy’s Mission

The academy represents a partnership between the Miami Beach Economic Development Department and Prospera, a South Florida not-for-profit specializing in bilingual assistance for entrepreneurs and small businesses. The Miami Beach Business Academy will be tailored to inspire, develop skills, identify capital and turn business concepts into reality. The program runs from May to December.

The Prospera curriculum is designed to support at least 12 virtual, capacity-building training sessions.  Including topics on growth strategy analysis, best business practices, business continuity, access to capital, digital presence and payroll management.

“We understand the importance of developing a solid, resourceful and sustainable small business community…. We are committed to providing a premier business program that will deliver tangible and meaningful results.”

-Miami Beach City Manager Alina T. Hudak

The Miami Beach Business Academy is an extension of the city’s continued efforts to assist the local and small business community along with their workforce as they navigate life after the pandemic.

Similarly, the City of Miami Beach Emergency Small Business Reimbursement Grant Program supports and promotes business viability for eligible businesses by providing up to $20,000 in expense reimbursement for expenses incurred during the pandemic at their principal location. The grant is administered and awarded on a first-come, first-qualified, first-served basis through an online application.

Interested applicants should review program guidelines and login or create a new profile to preview the application. Applications will remain open until all funds are exhausted.

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