Leadership In Obscurity

Leadership In Obscurity

by Jamar Wright – Mind Food International

[KINGSTON, Jamaica] – Great leaders do not just emerge on the scene as stars, they are instead established in obscurity. There is a reason why an embryo is developed in obscurity. Greatness in its gestation period is feeble and needs to be hidden to build up the capacity and strength to withstand the burden that comes along with success. In the darkness of the womb a baby is hidden and developed. In a dark place beneath the soil a seed is concealed, cultivated and it will emerge from the soil as a tree. It’s in a darkroom that pictures are developed.

It’s during the valley days leaders keep on honing their craft and keep chipping away the barriers. Obscurity gives an emerging leader the time to improve for the burden of success. The problem we have today is that too many people want success that they have not grown for. Whenever success or a leadership role is bigger than the leader it eventually crushes them.

Emerging Leaders

For an emerging leader to be exposed too early is not a blessing, it’s a curse. In an era of social media many leaders are pursuing notoriety, but season of obscurity prepare and protect a leader. Many people think successful leaders just emerge on the scene of a nation. They have bright ideas, charismatic personality, and the ability to connect with others.

No, leaders with excellent character and integrity who gain influence are not fly-by- nights. They are the result of a lifetime of preparation during their obscurity seasons, they submit  themselves to other wise leaders and gain value from mentorship. Through wise mentorship and guidance these emerging leaders can make better decisions.  With the right timing and hard work they emerge to the forefront of leadership.

Commitment is Necessary

Overnight success usually takes about ten years or more. Anything that grows too fast is usually a cancer. Real growth happens in stages, increment by increment so the process can establish the leader’s character and stamina for endurance. How many companies, ministries, athletes, clubs or one hits wonders (singers) do we know of who blew up too fast and are no longer around today? They were like a shooting star; shines brightly for a moment but then it’s gone. Sometimes, leaders come on the nation’s scene, and they have charismatic personality, brilliant intellect, they dress well and have the appearance of success.

They seem to have all the right ingredients for a success story. Then a year, probably a few years they drop off the scene.  Like a popular television program in Jamaica that was called “Where are they Now” we too ask the same question about those leader “Where are they now?.” The law of process says to be successful requires us to grow slowly and steadily over time where we are in obscurity. Keep your focus on doing the right things each day. That simple act will compound over time.


Emerging leaders that bypass the law of process will eventually ruin their character and compromise their integrity trying to buy their way to success. The process of greatness starts with obscurity, and it rarely ever resembles anything great. Your process as an emerging leader may not look great right now, you might be struggling like seedling trying to break the soil; but if you stick with the process you will end up producing something great and becoming a great leader!


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