Maxine Reyes Delivers an Inspirational Message in “Victory is Yours”

Maxine Reyes - Victory Is Yours
Maxine Reyes

by Howard Campbell

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – With 22 years of service to the United States military, Maxine Reyes has first-hand knowledge of overcoming odds — especially on the battlefield. Standing up for one’s rights and making a difference in life, are themes heard in “Victory is Yours”, her latest song.

The inspirational single was released in January. It is co-produced by Keith Everette Smith and Joshua Frerichs. Nashville-based musician/producers who are pivotal players in pop and Contemporary Christian Music.

Reyes was born in Kingston, Jamaica but grew up in South Florida. She attended high school in Cooper City and Miramar. Victory is Yours reflects her outlook on life.

Outlook on Life

“I find it interesting how I always feel like positive, uplifting music wipe away all uncertainty, anxiety and faithlessness. For me, it’s all about the lyrics. I will rock to most genres as long as the lyrics are not demeaning, discouraging or encouraging violence. My mission is to spread love, uplift and unite,” she said.

Reyes has been recording for several years. Her previous songs include I’ve Got You/Military Wife with Dean Fraser and Joy Unspeakable which features fellow singer Chevaughn Clayton.

Change in Musical Direction

Victory is Yours hears a change in musical direction. While her previous songs had a reggae feel, working with Smith and Frerichs hears her delving into Contemporary Christian Music, a sound made popular during the 1990’s by acts like Michael W. Smith.

Reyes met the Grammy-winning Keith Everette Smith through a mutual colleague who had worked with the producer. She agreed to a collaboration with him but admitted having mixed feelings initially.

“I connected with the producer after a very good friend of mine let me hear a song that he did with the producer. I heard the difference in the sound that he had before; it sounded like songs that I have had great interest in recording, but I was unsure of how I would sound singing this genre,” she said.

While in the military, Reyes was stationed at different places in the US including El Paso, Texas and Sacramento, California. She was also posted in Qatar and Afghanistan.

Since retiring from the service, Reyes has increased her recording output and presence as a motivational speaker. She is also active in organizations such as Jamaican Women of Florida.


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