Makeda McLune Elected President of the Miami-Dade Democratic Black Caucus

MIAMI-DADE – Makeda McLune has been elected the President of the Miami Dade Democratic Black Caucus for the 2023-2025 administration.

Miami-Dade Democratic Black Caucus Makeda McLune
Makeda McLune

“When I was approached to run, I wondered- what are the changes I’d like see? And it hit me- visibility, integrity, and opportunity to show African American, Caribbean American and all the black and brown communities in between that these organizations matter” says McLune.

In a one on one with South Florida Caribbean News, Makeda shared, I’ve already met with members of my Executive Board and have been having one on one conversations with other Presidents and leaders on how I’d like to approach this role. As part of team, the northern county, as one county, as the tri-county areas we can impact change within the state of Florida. This will not be easy, but we are getting ourselves prepared to do the work.

I thought hard about a theme that streamlines my personal beliefs and what can mirror our momentum forward. Our theme is “MDDBC- Taking Our Seat”. How do we show are strength if we are not invited into the rooms? We can’t and that is why we will work with intentions to be on the frontlines, boardrooms, commission meetings, and all places in between to know what’s happening and how it affects us.


This coming weekend is our 40th Democratic Black Caucus of Florida State Conference. I expect to use this time to connect with other leaders and get a sense of direction and an assessment of where we are in Florida and where does Miami-Dade County fall.

My sister chapter, the Ron Brown Democratic Black Caucus President, Ms. Venus Mia Lovely and I intend to operate under an idea of “Two Caucuses- One County”. We both understand that the Northern County and the Southern County have their own nuances in incomes, poverty, homeownership, and employment.

The local governments made promises to help with the inequalities by policy – the Miami-Dade Democratic Black Caucus is going to work for our communities. We are going to press hard to get our proper seat at the table and we are going to hit all communities within our caucus boundaries to listen to black and brown people but turn those conversations into action items pairing up departments, elected officials, activists, and organizations that can and will show that our voices are being heard.

Those goals might seem lofty, given where we are currently, but we have to build and start from the foundation of why the Democratic Black Caucuses were formed in the first place.

I’m Thrilled to take over as President of the Miami-Dade Democratic Black Caucus as we are “Taking Our Seat” into 2023-2025 – Makeda McLune

About Makeda McLune

Makeda McLune, Principal of The McLune Group LLC is a consulting firm that specializes in business and professional strategy, advocacy, fundraising, and workforce development services.  She is also a partner is several ventures seeking to build wealth and education for underserved communities through real estate and media.

Makeda has advocated for health disparities speaking about her personal battle as a 2x breast cancer survivor for Susan G Komen and American Cancer Society.

Makeda McLune is a very proud first generation Jamaican American, business owner member of Miami-Dade Chamber of Commerce, sorority member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and graduate of Florida International University with a degree in International Relations and Political Science minor.  You will find her posting about her work outs, being the best auntie-mummie to Zackhary and Ariah, and her day-to-day life on social media.


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