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Caribbean Democratic Caucus, “Coming Together to fight Abuses”

Mayor Hazelle Rogers, Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida, Inc.
Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida, Inc. – City of Lauderdale Lakes Mayor Hazelle Rogers

[SOUTH FLORIDA]The Officers and members of the Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida, Inc. are joining the many organizations who have expressed intense disgust for the cowardly acts of hatred that has prompted the violent abuses and executions of members of the Asian community in Atlanta and other parts of the country.

The actions of leaders drive the sentiments of those who follow. Especially, the actions of the 45th President and his xenophobic bigotry.  As a result it has permeated the hearts and minds of a significant sector of the U.S. population.

Fighting Racism

Racism has a long arm. No minority group is off limits to the acts of violence supported and enacted by white supremacist groups. A group that is threatened by the numbers that people of color represent, and the prospects of being the represented as the minority that they already are.

Republican Voter Suppression

The actions of the Republicans in 43 state legislatures that seek to restrict the ability of minority black and brown populations to vote is a coordinated attempt to protect their perceived white superiority that they believe they enjoy. The perpetration of violence fueled by abrasive rhetoric led to the brazen actions of demented idiots. Their insecurities cannot and should not be allowed to continue without being addressed.

Call to Action

We at the Caribbean Democratic Caucus of Florida stand ready to support a call to action. Especially on behalf of our Asian Brothers and Sisters. As a result we can unify across the board. Plus, defend our rights as citizens of the United States of America.


Together we can redefine the mood and tone of those who fear us. Together we are prepared to support and enable constructive policy initiatives. Initiatives that can withstand the desires of the twisted minds that hide behind party affiliations on ALL sides of the political spectrum. Let us do the work necessary for success. There is no room for the venom that is being thrust upon the Asian community. Or, any immigrant or perceived “minority” community. The venom has already seeped into the psyche of other minority groups as evidenced by the disgraceful acts in NYC and the lack of support and aid for the elderly Asian woman attacked last week. This cannot and will not be tolerated. More importantly, we must band together to ensure a safe-haven for ethnic communities and all people of color.

Learn more about the Caribbean Democratic Caucus at https://TheCDCF.org.



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