Love and Dancehall the Novel Sparks Conversations

Love and Dancehall by Ida WellsATLANTA – Released on August 3, 2020 and over 1,000 copies sold independently, the novel Love And Dancehall has become a must-read.

Author Ida E. Wells captivated the Dancehall culture in this fictional tale about a young man named Rattie from Kingston, Jamaica who was exposed to the harsh realities of life at an early age.

The story of Rattie’s migration to the U.S. combined with illegal activities, broken hearts, and dead bodies, is a story that is known too well in the dancehall community.

“Sex, drugs, murder, and just total mayhem is, unfortunately, a popular recipe in the Dancehall underworld, and the experiences around me help inspired the life of some of my characters,” said author Ida E. Wells. “I hope that readers will realize that the smallest choice in life can set off the biggest chain of reactions for their future.”

The 17-chapter book goes on to tell the story of Rattie after his prison sentence as he sets out to re-establish his hold in the streets. Unaware his enemies are closer than he thinks, he makes a series of choices which may find him on the wrong side of the law once again, or maybe even worse. The dramatic cast of characters takes you on a wild ride leading to a shocking and dramatic ending.

Author Ida E Wells

Ida E Wells, better known by many as Ida Blanco, has been revered for many years in the dancehall community as one of the top promoters in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area.

A true trailblazer, some of Ida’s accomplishments include the yearly staging of her renowned event OP¥UM, radio host of Da Hype Zone, an on-air camera personality, an entrepreneur, a business coach, and now, a published author.

Ida, who resides in Atlanta, Georgia, currently works in the television industry and has set her sights on becoming an Executive Producer.

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