Actress Reanna Ameline Joins Cast of Ladouceur’s ‘The Sweetest Girl: A Forbidden Love Story’

Actress Reanna Ameline Joins Cast of Ladouceur’s ‘The Sweetest Girl: A Forbidden Love Story’
Award-Winning, Multi-talented Actress Reanna Ameline

MIAMI  Award-winning and multi-talented actress Reanna Ameline has been added to the cast of the upcoming film, “The Sweetest Girl: A Forbidden Love Story.”

Ameline completes the cast, joining Genji Jacques — the actor dubbed the Haitian Denzel Washington — and fellow stars Sandra Justice, Lela Elam, James Pierre, Briana Earhart, Vivianne Saintvil, Haitian icon Marie Michelle Desrosier, Ayomi Russel, and George King in the film. Samuel Ladouceur (“A Great Day in Harlem,” “Power,” “Boardwalk Empire”) is at the helm as the director.

The plot, written by prolific screenwriter Harry Jeudy (“A Great Day in Harlem”) and acclaimed author Yanatha Desouvre (“Revelations: Roads to Redemption,” one of the top downloaded e-books in April 2020 in the African American, mystery thriller and suspense fiction categories on Amazon.com) follows a loving marriage of 25 years that comes to a deadly end when a husband is compelled to tell his wife his most heart-shattering secret while she is on her deathbed.

Inspired by true events, “The Sweetest Girl: A Forbidden Love Story” is a compelling and provocative love story. It’s set in Haiti and is haunted by human trafficking and gun violence.

Ameline will take on the role of 13-year-old April Goodman, a tech-savvy middle schooler whose love for science and technology makes her stand out among her peers. Her determined, driven and compassionate personality mirrors that of her mother Margaret. Unlike the average adolescent, Ameline desires to spend time with her parents, tormented yet brilliant police officer Lucias Goodman and award-winning journalist Margaret Goodman. Unbeknownst to her, the weekend that her older brother, 15-year-old Grayson, gets to hang out with their mother will be a life-changing moment for them all.

The Sweetest Girl: A Forbidden Love Story” is part of the second book from the Goodman Chronicles series, “Revelations: Roads to Redemption.” It uses familiar characters from the 2018 novel that explores the characters’ unique emotional journeys. The storylines of complex, interwoven characters will navigate through larger themes of human connection: guilt, redemption, love and hope.

Virtual auditions are still being accepted for the role of Grayson Goodman. Those with interest in the film can join the indiegogo campaign here.

Ameline, an American actor of Haitian and Jewish descent, was born in Wellington, Florida. She has the dynamic talents of an actor, dancer and cellist.

Ameline performed at the Florida International University Winter Concert Series at the Wertheim Performing Arts Center in 2019. She also performed with the award-winning orchestra in the OrlandoFest Competition in spring 2020. Her acting experiences include “The Little Mermaid,” “The Interview” and much more.

Jeudy, the film’s screenwriter, is also a poet and has more than a decade of experience in English, African and African American literature. He is the founder and principal owner of Backdoor Entertainment LLC.

Ladouceur has worked on countless short films, major films and television shows such as “Person of Interest,” “Unstoppable,” “Power” and “Boardwalk Empire.” In 2018, he directed and produced the short film, “A Great Day in Harlem,” which is currently airing in major markets nationally on ABC, Fox, CBS and other network affiliates. He is the founder of LA PhiLA Productions and the vice president of Backdoor Entertainment LLC.

Desouvre is a best-selling Amazon.com author, educator and public speaker. His latest novella, “Revelations: Roads to Redemption,” pays homage to Wyclef Jean’s discographyHe is also the author of the 2016 novella “To Whom Much is Given,” the first of the Goodman Chronicles series

Desouvre has been featured in various print publications, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Daily News, Miami Herald, Miami New Times, Haitian Times, Sentinel HT, HuffPost and Black Enterprise, and on television outlets that include South Florida PBS, NBC and ABC.

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