Leadership Summit To Help Leaders Take It To The Next Level

Leading Leaders at the Next Level Summit

FORT LAUDERDALE – With its central theme of “Creating Sustainable Leadership Through Strategic Planning and Partnerships”, the Leading Leaders at the Next Level Leadership Summit is designed exclusively to promote the reach of progressive thinkers, leaders and activists in the business, civic, and non-for-profit arenas.

The summit brings together a dynamic group of speakers who embrace a faith-based approach to promoting sustainability and with diverse areas of expertise; including personal and professional development coaching, executive leadership and business coaching, and HR and marketing consultancy.

Participants will walk away from this leadership summit with

  1. A reinforced understanding of the value in continually building their lives and businesses on the basis of their unique blue-print;
    2. Embracing the role of ‘trail-blazer’ and continually replicating strategies that work and consistently yield sustainable results;
    3. Challenged to consistently maintain the “big picture” thought paradigm and cultivating their personal leadership repertoire to drive success in the marketplace; and,
    4. Utilizing the inherent role of strategic planning and strategic partnerships and alliances to promote sustainable profit and continued personal fulfillment.

The Leading Leaders at the Next Level Summit will take place on Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST at the Embassy Suites Fort Lauderdale, 1100 Southeast 17th Street Fort Lauderdale.

Admission to the summit is $75.00 (inclusive of conference materials and parking fee) and interested participants can click here to register.

Leading Leaders at the Next Level Summit Organizers

Georgia A. Bryce, Organizer of Leading Leaders at the Next Level Leadership Summit

Georgia A. Bryce

The Organizer of Leading Leaders at the Next Level Leadership Summit is Georgia A. Bryce, MSEE, CPLC – Founder, Building According To Pattern, LLC

Georgia A. Bryce is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, Author, Transformational Speaker, Certified Professional and Personal Development Coach, and Chief Executive Manager of Building According To Pattern.

The brand’s focus is geared towards empowering others to discover their own unique blue-print and personal authority and guiding them into building their lives accordingly.

Ms. Bryce provides both individualized and group coaching, keynote presentations and leadership development training; with an emphasis on self-discovery, identity, purpose, vision, leadership, and legacy development.

Ms. Bryce is also the Founder of a private practice; Building Families According To Pattern, which specializes in Children and Family Therapy, Premarital Counseling, Christian Counseling (Individual Therapy), and Family Life Education.

Mind Food International is a leadership, coaching and inspirational organization guided by biblical and timeless principles. The company was founded in May 2013 by Jamar & Natassia Wright out of the realization that people are genuinely in need of empowerment, inspiration and positive teachings daily.

The company started by sending daily morning inspirational messages to approximately 184 individuals via email, the response was and has been till this day encouraging.

With the simple ideal of sending emails, Mind Food today has grown and expanded its boarders to publishing books, and hosting training sessions, workshops, corporate and international and seminars. To date, Mind Food has hosted over 25 conferences (both locally & internationally) establishing themselves as a world changer and Ambassador of the Kingdom teaching.

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