Kashief Lindo Single “Maybe”, A Blend of Reggae and Spanish Guitar

by Howard Campbell

SOUTH FLORIDA – Although never one to stray far from his roots, Kashief Lindo has always been keen to stretch his musical boundaries. Which is what he does on “Maybe“, his latest song.

Co-written by the singer and his father Willie Lindo, Maybe is produced for the family’s Heavybeat Records label. It is lovers rock reggae with a dab of Spanish guitar, courtesy of Lindo senior, one of reggae’s most prolific session musicians.

Kashief Lindo 2024 Single Maybe: A Blend of Reggae and Spanish Guitar
Kashief Lindo

“We weren’t looking in that direction at first my Dad added the guitar. It’s classified as reggae but it has that Latin/R&B feel,” said Kashief.

Maybe” is his first song for 2024. It is released seven months after “You Alone“, Kashief’s dancehall song with Honorebel, came out.

In an interview with South Florida Caribbean News, he said the song was conceived in similar fashion to many of his previous productions.

“It really comes down to my father, he comes up with these ideas and then I throw my two cents in,” Kashief explained.

The younger Lindo has run the musical gamut since making his recording debut in the late 1990s. Songs like the reggae-rocking No Can Do and The First Cut, both produced by his father, announced him as a promising artist.

While he has recorded pop ballads and experimented with EDM, Kashief has no doubt about his favorite sound.

“I love music on a whole but reggae is my foundation. At the same time, I love to try different things,” he said.




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