Kashief Lindo Tops South Florida Top 25 Reggae Chart

Kashief Lindo's "Love On" Album Drops October 1st

by Howard Campbell

[SOUTH FLORIDA] – With another hit song and comeback album, Kashief Lindo can lay claim to be the top artist out of South Florida for 2021.

Ram It Ram, a call for return to the good old days of dancehall, is in its third straight week at number one on the South Florida Top 25 Chart.

Love On, his first album in nine years, has been number one on the South Florida Top 15 Albums Chart for the past month.

Both projects are produced by Kashief’s father Willie Lindo for Heavy Beat Records. They are also doing well on the Foundation Radio Network’s New York charts.

Ram It Ram is number 11 on the singles list of that label, while Love On is number two.

KashieF Lindo - Ram it Ram

Willie Lindo was confident Love On would do well, even though it was Kashief’s first full-length effort in nearly a decade.

“Wi never even gave that a thought. Wi jus’ concentrated on making a album with some great songs that everyone can enjoy,” he said.

Love On, which contains 14 songs, was released in October, one month after Ram it Ram. The single was not released on the digital version of the album but is available on the compact disc edition.

The chart sealed a fruitful year for Kashief who started the year with a number one song, I Can’t See Your Face, also produced by Heavy Beat Records.

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