Joeboy Shares New Single, ‘Only God Can Save Me’

New EP Body, Soul & Spirit Drops Nov. 17

African music superstar Joeboy is closing out the year on a high note with Body, Soul & Spirit, a new EP coming Nov. 17 via emPawa Africa. The five-track set is the Lagos, Nigeria-based singer’s second project of 2023, following the May release of his acclaimed sophomore album, Body & Soul.

Pre-save the Body, Soul & Spirit EP here: https://empawaafrica.lnk.to/JoeboyBodySoulSpirit

A master of melodic hooks recognized for his earnest, soul-searching lyrics and afrobeats smashes like 2021’s “Sip (Alcohol)” (400m+ streams), Joeboy dives deep into his introspection bag on this five-song EP, kicking things off today with the lead single “Only God Can Save Me,” produced by Debo.x.

Listen here: https://empawaafrica.lnk.to/OnlyGodCanSaveMe

Where Body & Soul focused on themes of finding and embracing love, Body, Soul & Spirit is a darker, moodier project that sees Joeboy delve deep into his psyche to tackle subjects like navigating societal pressures, paranoia, insecurity and the dark side of love.

The Body, Soul & Spirit sessions coincided with Joeboy learning to record himself in the studio, a development that he says led to greater self reflection and a bit of melancholy. Where he would typically have other people around during his recording and writing process, for this project he was all alone with a mic and a pen. Unburdened by companionship, Joeboy freely offloaded his pent-up emotions into a set of songs that found him setting off firmly in a fresh direction.

Joeboy Only God Can Save Me

“I have been through a rollercoaster of emotions since the release of my album,” Joeboy says. “I have had to really dig deep to keep my sanity intact and put on a brave face to keep up appearances. The songs on the EP embody my journey through this emotionally-draining period.”

Originating from a place of raw vulnerability, the introspective “Only God Can Save Me” speaks to the desire to control one’s own fate while realizing the opposite is, in fact, true. “It’s easy to get carried away and believe we can do it all ourselves,” Joeboy says. “I came to the realization that I have no control over my journey in life. All I can do is cast my worries on God, and believe he will handle it all.”

Speaking further on the track, Joeboy stated:

“The song came from a place of realization over a strange two-week period that had me questioning everything and everyone. I discovered a lot of negative things going on around me, and started seeing people for who they truly were. I needed certain people to be there for me, but they disappeared. I truly felt alone, and it became obvious to me that human beings are not reliable, and most people are only there for you on the condition that they can gain something from you. I came to the realization that you are really and truly alone on this earth, and God is the only source of strength and succor.” 



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