Jamaican Costume Designer, Raxann Chin Designs for Hollywood

Jamaican Costume Designer, Raxann Chin Designs for Hollywood

Raxann Chin

by Howard Campbell

[NEW YORK] – Since stepping away from the corporate world 13 years ago and moving full-time into costume designing, Raxann Chin has helped outfit casts for plays and movies. Because of its seasonal theme, her latest project is even more special.

The Montego Bay-born Chin is costume designer for Disney’s Keeping up With The Claus, which is scheduled to air in December.

“My favorite holiday is Christmas. Being immersed in the festivities earlier this year, via filmmaking, was an absolute treat. Working on a Christmas project is quite similar to character development for other productions. However, there is something magical about a Christmas production where you get to delve into fantasy, which activates the inner child in all of us,” she said.

Keeping up With The Claus stars veteran actress Margaret Ladd. She is best known for her role as Emma Channing on the 1980s soap opera, Falcon Crest.

Chin has worked for high-profile clients such as Coca Cola, the off Broadway play. In addition to The Glen and the documentary, American Trial: The Eric Garner Story. Her most rewarding assignment to date, however, was the YouTube series Cady Did.

“I was hired to co-costume with award-winning costume designer, Christopher Lawrence, known for his work on Ray Donovan, The Space Between Us and Hannah Montana: The Movie. As we’d say colloquially, ‘it’s a big deal’ when your work is considered good enough to design with a veteran costume designer like Christopher Lawrence. He’s a delightful person and extremely talented,” said Chin.

Career Choices

Though she loved designing, outfitting actors was not Raxann Chin’s first career choice. She attended Wayne State University in Detroit. Plus, the University of Detroit’s Mercy Law School which paved the way for a decade-long tenure on Wall Street.

In New York, Chin was a stockbroker, and worked at Solomon Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch. After the debilitating financial crash of 2008, she decided to pursue her passion for designing full-time.

Chin also owns and operates Femheka, a couture clothing line that has dressed clients including Miss Jamaica World 2015 Sanneta Myrie, who placed in the top five of Miss World that year.



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