Jamaican Singer Timmy Love Gives ‘Forever Young’ a Reggae Makeover

by Howard Campbell

[CONNECTICUT] – One of the many power ballads from the 1980s, ‘Forever Young’ was a hit for German pop group Alphaville and American singer Laura Branigan. Jamaican singer Timmy Love has loved the song for some time, but with extra meaning.

He recently covered the song in reggae form. Its lyrics remind him of the most influential person in his life.

 Timmy Love Gives 'Forever Young' a Reggae Makeover
Timmy Love

“Forever Young is a very special song to me because I hope to spend my next life with my mother in Heaven, the land where we will never grow old,” said the Connecticut-based artist.

His mother, Agnes Lovelace, died seven years ago in Connecticut. The fifth of her nine children, Love described her as “the driving force in my life.”

His version of Forever Young was born in his home studio where he and his son Donnohue were tinkering for song ideas. The melody came from Donnohue and Love, a bassist, helped complete the track.

Born in St. Mary parish in eastern Jamaica, Love has lived in Connecticut for over 20 years. There, he leads the RefeleXX Band which plays consistently throughout the tri-state area.

Prior to migrating to the United States, he was a musician on Jamaica’s tourist hotel scene. It was there that he developed a passion for eclectic sounds; those diverse tastes can be heard on the five albums Love has recorded with the RefleXX band.

He is confident Forever Young will do well because there is an angel guiding the song.

“They say when a person dies they are gone but not forgotten. My mother never left me, she is always with me and I will carry her with me for the rest of my life. I love her endlessly,” he stated. “She and God are responsible for all of my success.”


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