Jamaican Comic Gunter Nuh Laugh debuts at Miami Live

By Dr Mary

MIAMI BEACH – Jamaican born Rohan Gunter, aka “Gunter Nuh Laugh”, debuted at Miami Live on Thursday, May 18, 2017.

“Miami Live Miami Beach is a live music club and recording studio.”  They specialize in music, concerts, DJ’s, corporate parties, etc.

This Thursday evening several artistes took the stage to showcase their talent.  Doors opened at 9pm and people began to file in.  Security checked everyone for weapons or other harmful articles then they were to be presented to the girl behind the desk.  General admission tickets were free with VIP approximately $10 a person with a free drink.   Once that part was completed it was time to go in.

Walking in to the freezing cold club with rap music blaring and marijuana smoke in the air warned of a long, long night.  To say the least, the show started over an hour late and Gunter did not come on until the end.  Excruciating for a non-Rap lover.

This Thursday night appeared to be for those who are interested in making a career in Rap.  Almost everyone did a Rap number out of the 20 or so performers.  There was this one other Jamaican girl who sang a Reggae song and another who did an R & B like song with a sax player.  The remainder of the night went on with Rap music and curse words.

Gunter Nuh Laugh
Gunter Nuh Laugh

Then it was finally time for Gunter and most of the people had left by then.  Gunter came on with “nuff” energy however in a mostly American crowd, it appeared, his jokes seemed to have gone over their heads.  Gunter however kept his head up and did his set apparently oblivious that the crowd did not share in his enthusiasm.  He seemed to be on stage for about 10 minutes and it was over.  A whole wasted night for a ten-minute laugh, which was not a laugh at all, but a thank you Lord it’s time to go home!

Gunter was asked how long he has been in the comedy business and he stated, “since 2006.”  He conveyed that he always wanted to be a DJ but due to certain circumstances he was asked to MC at a party and did such a good job other people began asking him to MC their event.  People began to realize that he was funny and his comedy career was born.

So why the name Gunter Nuh Laugh?  He stated that people said that when he told his jokes he did not laugh he was so serious.  The name also plays on the Jamaican saying when someone is laughing at a joke they say “me nuh laugh.”

Gunter Nuh Laugh appears ready and motivated for this career with its ups and downs.  As a matter of fact, he is up for a People Profile Award on June 18th at Broward College and you can catch some of his jokes on June 25th at Caribbean Village event.

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