Jamaican Clothing Designer, Delawness Debuts New Project

Jamaican Clothing Designer

By: Howard Campbell

[KINGSTON, Jamaica] – Jamaican designer Delawness never shies from touting his skills. In fact, he likens himself to groundbreaking scientist Tesla given his limitless flow of ideas.

London Emerald, a capsule collection released in December. It was inspired by his visit to the United Kingdom in early 2021 and how people in that country dealt with COVID-19.

Delawness’ latest venture is strong on urban wear. It contains T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, a Beanie headwear; he shows off his toasting skills on London Emerald, a rap song he uses to promote his capsule collection.

Jamaican Clothing Designer

“Each of my collections are shaped by their own unique story and package to deliver an experience true to that story. Introspeq was about, introspection. London Emerald, however, is about realising my dreams in a new place in the midst of a pandemic,” he explained.

Introspeq, his debut project, launched one year ago in his hometown of Montego Bay. While in the UK, he noticed how Britons soaked up the summer by going about their business as if ignoring a killer pandemic.

Delawness took four months to bring his concept to reality. He wanted to make London Emerald as personal as possible which was one of the satisfying aspects of working on this project.

“As a designer, it’s just that special feeling when my ideas/concepts come to life physically and I can touch it. That’s the best feeling in the world. That special moment for me with London Emerald was when I hit published on my website to release the collection to the world,” he said.

Jamaican Clothing Designer


Delawness, whose real name is Lawrence L. Deacon, is a former student at the Edna Manley School of the Visual and Performing Arts. Before launching Introspeq, he designed posters and album covers for top reggae acts including Chronixx, Koffee and Warrior King.


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