Jamaican Graphic Designer Lawrence Deacon Expands his Delawness Brand

Jamaican Graphic Designer Lawrence Deacon Expands his Delawness Brand
Lawrence L. Deacon

by Howard Campbell

[MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica] – Jamaican graphic designer Lawrence L. Deacon is an ardent believer in stretching the boundaries of his profession. Which is what he does with Introspeq, his latest project.

A song of the same name launched the series in December. It also includes art and fashion pieces which will be released this year. Introspeq is the 25 year-old Deacon’s boldest move yet to expose his Delawness brand.

“The song is the soundtrack which is like an artistic statement to the artwork introspeq and its part of a wider project, a collector’s edition package which blends art, music and fashion,” he explained.

The Montego Bay-based Deacon conceived Introspeq during downtime resulting from the Coronavirus lockdown in Jamaica. He said it was a period of thought on how to expand Delawness which he started in March, 2018 through Waves, his first exhibition which took place in his hometown.

This time around, Deacon wanted a concept that expressed versatility.

“I had a lot going in my mind I wanted to share. This Coronavirus really gave me the opportunity to spend some quality time alone to evaluate myself and put my life into perspective and bring them to life on paper with Introspeq,” he explained. “I am growing every day but there are just some unanswered questions I walk around within my head and some undelivered facts. I feel like I am still transitioning from adolescence to being an adult, but deep within I am excited as a little kid in a candy store with ideas.”

Deacon attended the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, Jamaica’s leading arts school. His creativity has earned him jobs for the country’s leading corporate companies as well as major acts such as Chronixx and Koffee.

Scaling the heights of graphic design and industry is Deacon’s ultimate ambition. He would like Delawness to emulate the colossal feats of his heroes by becoming a force in the corporate and creative world.

“(I would like) to have manufacturing factories, laboratories, flagship stores, galleries and skate parks providing jobs for families and safe zones for the recreational development of youths. Be mentioned among the greatest graphic designers and artists the likes of Paul Rand, Saul Bass and Milton Glaser.”



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