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Jamaica’s Tourism Ministry Committed to the Increase of Local Goods Consumed in the Hospitality Industry

Jamaica’s Tourism Ministry Committed to the Increase of Local Goods Consumed in the Hospitality Industry
Tourism Minister Hon. Edmund Bartlett and Minister of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon Audley Shaw exchange warm greetings during the USAID’s Farmer-to-Farmer Conference 2020.

KINGSTON, Jamaica  – Jamaica’s Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett says the Agricultural Sector must be transformed to better meet the consumption requirements of visitors to the island.

“The production patterns of agriculture in the region has to be lifted to a higher level where we are the suppliers of what is required for consumption. We must train and develop human capacity to improve the production and consumption patterns within our space,” said Minister Bartlett.

He said his Ministry is working very closely with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, to increase consumption of locally grown food in the sector and to assist farmers who supply the sector.

This drive has been led by the Tourism Linkages Network, in collaboration with the Agriculture Ministry, and has resulted in the creation of several programmes and initiatives geared towards building the capacity of farmers to supply on this demand and ultimately earn more from the tourism pie.

The Minister made these remarks at the USAID’s Farmer-to-Farmer Conference 2020, hosted at the Liguanea Club on January 06, 2020.

“We commend initiatives like the USAID Farmer-to-Farmer Programme that focus on human capital development, of some of our most critical members of society – our farmers. At the Ministry of Tourism, we too have been focusing on development of industry workers by providing training and certification for not just our workers but key suppliers in the sector,” said Minister Bartlett.

He stressed that gastronomy is one of the leading reasons for travel. Therefore, in order for Jamaica to retain more earnings from this niche, it is critical for us to supply more of the goods locally.

Data from the Tourism Linkages Network’s 2019 demand study, which looks at the demands or inputs required for the sector, also revealed that the total value of demand for agricultural products in the tourism amounted to J$39.6 billion.

“The relationship between travel tourism and gastronomy is at the heart of the reasons for people to move from destination to destination. Eighty-eight percent of the people in the world travel for food experiences and 42% of the expenditures of the visitor is on food.

Agriculture and farmers become a central part of travel and tourism. Since we are about fulfilling the passions of people and food is the number one passion, then the farmer is the number one partner with tourism,” said the Minister.

The Minister congratulated the participants of the (F2F) program and reminded them of the importance to share best practices to further strengthen regional growth in Agriculture and Tourism industries.

“I want to congratulate you for having this dialogue, and to implore you to be as innovative as you can. What you are about to do is not about food safety in the broadest sense, but it is about economics and resilience that you are building in the regions that you represent.

The capacity we are trying to build, to generate more of what the visitors need within the area, is the insurance that we are providing for higher level of retention of the dollars that are earned,” he said.

Since 1991, Partners’ Farmer-to-Farmer (F2F) programme has been transforming lives in over 30 countries in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia by connecting specialized volunteers from the United States with farmers, cooperatives, agribusinesses, extension services, government agencies and other institutions.

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