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How Jamaica Can Rise As An A.I. Powered Nation

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to the ability of machines to understand the world around them, learn and make decisions. AI is an interdisciplinary and human-centred field.

How Jamaica Can Rise As An A.I. Powered NationIn the coming years, AI technology will exert an enormous impact on economic development and the nature of work. It will also radically reshape the competitive dynamics of many industries. Because of this, many leaders believe that their countries’ futures hang in the balance. It is no wonder that governments are rushing to foster AI investment, establish educational programs, and pursue research and development to support businesses within their borders.

The COVID-19 virus is already accelerating several major trends that were already well underway before the outbreak and that will continue as companies shift their focus to recovery.

Most major companies already have experience with digital applications such as automation and data analytics. But AI, which enables machines to solve problems and take actions that in the past could only be done by humans, builds on that. AI tools can analyze immense volumes of data to learn underlying patterns, enabling computer systems to make complex decisions, predict human behaviour, and recognize images and human speech, among many other things. AI-enabled systems can learn and adapt. Here are a few ways in which China has adopted A.I:


Jamaica is one country that seems to be embracing A.I. technology. The Minister of Science, Energy, and Technology Fayval Williams says research is indicating that by 2020, 30% of all day-to-day businesses will implement artificial intelligence as a part of their digital transformation strategy.

“We are in the digital era where the only constant is change,” she said. “The technological revolution and transformation which are characteristics of the digital age have significantly changed and reshaped the way we operate on a daily basis and in business.”

So, here lies our question – What if Jamaica developed a National A.I. Strategy?

It definitely wouldn’t be the first. In fact, many governments have developed formal AI frameworks to help spur economic and technological growth. These range from the US executive order on AI leadership and China’s “Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” to “AI Made in Germany” and the “Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy.”

These strategies focus on fostering talent and education, government investment, research, and collaborative partnerships. But governments face more than technological and economic challenges. Privacy, explainability, human bias, safety, transparency, accountability, and regulation of AI-enabled systems must be put at the forefront, without curtailing innovation and the potential economic benefits. We are already in contact with AI in different ways and forms whenever we interact with technology, through online marketing, e-commerce and entertainment platforms. Jamaica can use A.I for economic growth, public safety & health, job creation, and to grow Brand Jamaica.


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