How energy suppliers can provide a better service to their customers

Almost everyone will have dealings with an energy supplier at one point or another in their lives. As such an essential part of society, energy suppliers should do everything in their power to deliver the kind of service that the general public needs. But sometimes it’s hard to recognize exactly what steps would make all the difference to the people using their energy. This blog will go through some of the best ways that energy suppliers can have a positive impact on their customers and society as a whole.

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Be more sustainable

Sustainability is something on everyone’s minds these days, with thousands of customers opting to partner with energy suppliers that use renewable sources of energy. This could be wind, solar or geothermal energy – it’s really up to the energy supplier what they decide to invest in. However, switching over from gas and oil can take a considerable amount of planning, and suppliers may need to change the way they approach energy as a whole. Investing in new tools, such as ETRM systems, could make this transition easier. To learn more, have a read of ETRM explained from PEXAPARK to get all the details you need.

Transparent pricing

Some energy companies have so many different tariffs that it’s hard to keep track of exactly what you’re paying for your energy. Many people don’t understand which tariffs are best for their needs, so transparency and simplicity are key, especially as energy prices are increasing globally now. It’s important for energy suppliers to remember that not everyone is going to understand how prices for kilowatts per hour and daily standing charges will impact their total energy bill. Customer service and educational content is key to helping put customers’ minds at ease.

Clear communication

Sometimes energy prices increase or there need to be changes to a customer’s direct debit. These changes should always be communicated clearly with sufficient notice. Ideally, multiple e-mails should be sent to a customer and they should be given the opportunity to speak to someone in person if need be. Changing someone’s direct debit without notice even though it’s because they’ve used more energy can be confusing and will result in lots of questions and complaints. Communication can mitigate a lot of these issues.

Easy meter reading submissions

Nobody likes submitting meter readings, which is why this process should be as smooth as possible. Energy suppliers should invest time and money into ensuring their websites are easy to use and work smoothly without bugs. Many energy suppliers are now starting to release apps to make submitting readings even easier, with some even linking them to smart meters that get rid of the need for readings entirely. 

With technological developments and ever-changing environmental issues, energy suppliers need to do their bit to move with the times. Many are already making changes to stay competitive, but some are likely falling behind. The best way for suppliers to truly understand what their customers want is to ask, making online surveys essential.


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