Honorebel’s ‘On Top of the World’ a Bonafide Hit

by Howard Campbell

SOUTH FLORIDA – Many artists think about a hit song when either writing or entering the recording booth. Honorebel says he can identify a chart-rider from conception.

In May, when he launched On Top of The World in South Florida, he gave a breakdown of how the song came about. And how he felt when composing it.

Honorebel On Top of the World
Honorebel is On Top Of The World Sipping Flamingo Vodka (photo courtesy Twitter)

“With the experience I’ve developed as an international artist and producer, it’s easier for me to spot one of my hit songs even while recording it. It’s a feeling you get while writing, recording and listening back to the master,” he explained. “Mind you, it’s not just the recording process, it’s also putting the components together so the song can begin the motion of becoming a bonafide hit.”

Honorebel co-produced On Top of The World with Sven Ludholm and performed the song at Unifest in Fort Lauderdale last May.

He applied all the ingredients for a summer song.

“When I was writing it, I was thinking melody, catchy and happy lyrical content,” said Honorebel.

Honorebel Reinvents Himself on Latest Album, “Guru”

The Jamaican artiste has experimented with different sounds over the years. He has also enjoyed pop chart success, the most notable being Now You See It (Shake That Ass) with Pitbull and Jump Smokers which made the Billboard chart in 2010.

On Top of The World, which made the Urban Influencer Rap Chart, maintained his momentum coming into the summer. In February, Honorebel performed alongside Big Mountain at Rebel Salute in Jamaica.

The song’s video has enjoyed rotation on Tempo, MTV U and MTV Jamz.


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