Handling Toddler During A Long-Distance Move!!!

Long-distance moves are always challenging especially for your kids. Even if you had worked for many hours in a day to make your move successful still there are risks associated with a move that could ruin your moving experience. Like if you don’t have any strategy for your toddler then this could make the process hectic.

When you are moving at a long distance, you need to make additional parenting plans apart from the standard parenting plans. You need to think creatively and have to plan everything to make the process efficient and easy for your child. Check out these tips:

Handling Toddler During A Long-Distance Move!!!
Visit your child’s doctor:

It is important to visit your child’s doctor before moving to another place to make sure that your kid is up-to-date on any prescriptions and vaccinations. Ask the doctor to give a copy you’re your child’s health records. Also, discuss with the doctor about your toddler’s traveling concerns, such as any allergies in the new place or car sickness. If the doctor is having any connection to other medical professionals in the city you are going to move then ask for the same.

Do hire childcare:

It is highly recommended to hire childcare for the moving day. As on a moving day, your house is busy with the movers, heavy stuff is carried out of the house, and you kid can harm himself or herself by coming in the way of movers. Therefore, to keep your baby safe, enlist a family member, friend, or babysitter to keep an eye on him or her during the chaotic relocation process. Unpacking can be stressful and takes time so don’t forget to get a babysitter after arriving at your new home.

Try to distract them with meals and snacks:

During the entire moving process, you can easily distract them with tasty diversions. For traveling also, you should pack some snacks and other eatables for your toddler. Remember that it is a long-distance move therefore you have to keep enough eatable for your toddler so that he/she does not get bored or irritated during the traveling time.

If possible, give options to toddlers:

It is time to play into the toddler’s growing sense of independence by offering them the options so that they can select any of their choices. This will make him happier and satisfied. Also, it is recommended you be consistent with the schedule of your toddler else the entire thing will become problematic to you.

Pack your child’s stuff few days before moving:

You may be tempted to pack your baby’s large-sized stuffed and noisy toys way before the moving day, but it is highly suggested to pack all these items at most a week before the move because you do not want to go around and hunt the moving boxes to find the favorite pacifier of your child. After packing the belongings of your kid, remember to label the boxes appropriately so that movers don’t face any difficulty while organizing the nursery items.

Pack essential stuff for your baby:

When packing the house, keep in mind to pack an essential bag for your kid and carry that bag along with you. As per the experts at national moving companies associated with Moving Apt, your essential box should contain all the items that you think your kid will need on a moving day, during the travel, and for the first few days after arriving at the new house. Some essential items may include diapers, your child’s favorite toys, and pacifiers, blankets, clothing, medications, baby food, milk, bath stuff, water bottles, etc.

Look for a family-friendly moving company:

You can find several moving companies in the industry but go with that moving company that is experienced in handling babies in the moving process. Truck rentals are not safe for your kids as they are equipped with airbags but may not have car seats. Therefore, consider your pack, we drive option. With the right moving company, you can also save a lot on the moving costs.

Unpack the nursery as soon as possible:

After arriving at your new house try to unpack the belongings of your child as soon as possible. Putting together their nursery in the new home will help you to create a familiar surrounding as your old home. Make sure that the furniture of your child’s bedroom is set up and the entire house is babyproofed. This will help your child to feel safe, and they will be able to adjust quickly to new surroundings.

Music could also be helpful:

Music is one of the best tools that help you to keep your kids claimed during this stressful task. This will help your baby to stay relaxed. Apart from this, listening to music is another way to expose babies and toddlers to the new lyrics and words.

Bottom line!!! 

Yes, moving is quite a big event of life which requires a lot of hard work. But while doing all the moving tasks, you should not forget about your toddler, try to give him enough time during the process to make things easy for him.


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