Grenada’s Action Plan on Food and Nutrition Security being Developed

ST. GEORGE, Grenada – The development of a Food and Nutrition Security policy and action plan for Grenada is especially important now as developing countries throughout the world have to do more to curb hunger and poverty.

Grenada's Action Plan on Food and Nutrition Security being DevelopedPermanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Aaron Francois said the issue of food security is a national one hence the involvement of a broad cross section of stakeholders in developing the policy and action plan.

He added that food security is also multi-dimensional and multi-sectoral issue, as the Government tries to bring together all support to get the action plan going in order to improve Grenada’s food security situation.

Mr. Francois, speaking at a validation workshop on Grenada’s Food and Nutrition Security action plan at the National Stadium on Friday 23rd, November said the policy has already been accepted by Cabinet and now the task is for everyone to work together to come up with an action plan.

He said there will be challenges but there is no choice but to overcome them.

High among these challenges is dealing with the uncomfortably high level of food importation in Grenada.

He said food security is not the easiest thing to contend with as there are many issues, like production; whether there is enough food available.

He pointed out that food consumed in Grenada is 70% imported and only 30% is produced locally.

“There are challenges at this time related to high unemployment and financial constraints and to compound the matter lot of money is being spent to import these foods,” said Mr. Francois.

The reliance on imports is being driving by a culture that has developed over the years where persons have a preference for imported foods whether it is because of price, quality or other reasons.

That is something that all Grenadians have to work on since the other side of the issue is the negative impact on health influenced by imported foods which is blamed for a significant increase in Chronic Non- Communicable Diseases.

Work on a Food and Nutrition Security policy and action plan for Grenada began earlier this year with financial and technical support from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.

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