Fun Things To Do Both Before And During Your Holiday

Fun Things To Do Both Before And During Your Holiday

There are many destinations that would be seen as dream locations for holidaymakers, and South Florida is no different. With an abundance of resorts and attractions to choose from, millions of people flock to the Sunshine State, looking to take advantage of the sandy beaches and gloriously sunny weather that it is known for.


It will come as little surprise when you see that tourism is one of the major parts of the economy in Florida, with the likes of Miami and Fort Lauderdale seeing large numbers of people making the trip. The figures for 2019 show that 131.4 million people were attracted to Florida, marking the ninth straight year that they had seen growth. Even more noticeably, only 28.5 million of these people were from within the US, a drop in itself of 9.7 percent from the previous year. This goes to show how popular Florida is as a destination for international tourists, with Disneyworld and Miami Beach serving as hotspots.

The state is particularly popular with travelers from Canada (3.6 million) and UK (1.5 million), serving as the two most common nations to make the trip. With revenue from tourism standing at $94 billion in 2019, the state should recover to see similar levels again, even if it takes a while.

What to do when traveling

When you go away somewhere, it is always good to have an idea of what you would like to do as planning ahead can help you to focus. Whether it is for the journey or even once you get there having something to do can make a stressful journey far more relaxing. Maybe you could take in some online slots Canada just to pass the time until you get there as there is nothing worse than being bored on a flight or on a train.

Due to the digital age, technology is now at your fingertips, so having something so close to your hand can be the perfect tonic to a stressful journey. As the old adage goes, time flies when you are having fun. You will then be ready for the main part of your holiday, allowing you to soak up some rays on the beach whilst being totally relaxed and shut off from the stresses of normal life.

Be sure to have a look around at the ‘What’s on’ pages online as you might find some interesting attractions that you may never have dreamed of. There is the opportunity to visit the Everglades, and who can pass up the opportunity to spot turtles at a Coral Reef State Park. Maybe you can even squeeze in a bit of people watching by trying to spot celebrities while you are out and about. It might seem a bit indulgent, but that’s what holidays are for, though. If you can’t try something new and interesting on holiday, when can you?


Although it has been a strange year, being able to go away somewhere has always offered a great way to escape from reality and sample different cultures. Nowadays, it is no different, and just having that opportunity can be a great release, regardless of who you are and where you are from. Don’t underestimate how good it can be to have a break from time to time.



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