FL Lawmakers take note: Court sides with immigrant communities

The court ruling blocking Trump’s order to withhold funds from “sanctuary cities” sends a direct message to Florida’s County Mayors, Commissioners and State Legislators who were trying to join Trump’s deportation machine

MIAMI – A federal judge in San Francisco has blocked temporarily Trump’s executive order to cut federal funds from cities or counties that chose not to cooperate with federal immigration authorities when they don’t consider it relevant or safe for their residents.

The judge argues the executive order violates the Constitution because the spending powers of federal funds are vested in Congress and not on the President.

This ruling comes after a lawsuit filed by San Francisco and Santa Clara County, supported by an amicus brief filed by the Florida Immigrant Coalition (FLIC) and over 30 organizations nationwide.

Statement from Maria Rodriguez, FLIC’s Executive Director on Immigrant Communities

This is yet another setback for the Trump administration who is having to learn the hard way that scapegoating immigrants and spending our taxes on walls and separating families is not accepted by a vast majority. 

Our Florida coalition supported the lawsuits in Santa Clara and San Francisco after seeing that some of our local elected officials did not have the courage to stand up to the Trump administration and decided to put money before Floridians and the safety of our communities.

This ruling should send a direct message to Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez and the County Commission who chose to protect the county’s budget over its people. Now that their main argument is no longer  valid, will they make the right decision and limit the cooperation with federal immigration authorities in the same way they were doing a couple of months ago?

Immigrant Communities in Miami

The same message should go to state legislators like Rep. Larry Metz and other FL House members who have supported House Bill 697, which would attempt to withhold funding for welcoming and safe cities that don’t consider undocumented residents a threat, and that prioritize keeping families together as well as building strong trusting relationships between local law enforcement and the community.

They should be following the example set by the Broward County Commission and School Board, the cities of Miami and West Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade County and Palm Beach County Public Schools who early on stood on the right side of history by standing up to Trump’s bullying.”


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