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Five Stylish Designer Glasses South Floridians Need In 2021

Fancy some retail therapy to aid your mood? We’ve got some amazing tips for you if you are looking to get your hands on nicely priced designer glasses that will lift your mood and make you stand out from the crowd. 

South Floridians could do with cheering up and the good news is that things are beginning to brighten up when it comes to bad news that has surrounded the area.

2020 was a tough year for Floridians from all quarters, as indeed it was for the United States as a whole, and 2021 has started with something of a bang. COVID-19 has been a spectre in the region and cases continue to hit 10,000+ a day but the good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Vaccines are being taken up at an astonishing rate and things look a whole brighter than they did just a few months ago and the following great designer glasses will certainly steer you in the right positive direction. 

Michael Kors Designer Glasses
Michael Kors Marseilles

These tortoise shell colored frames will give you the utmost style at a very reasonable price and we very much like the way these glasses have that pitch perfect appeal. A very European style and especially likeable due to the low weight frames. You’ll pull off this cultured look, even at Disney World at the height of summer!

Ray Ban Erika Designer Glasses
Ray Ban Erika

As a designer eyeglasses brand Ray Ban is perhaps the most synonymous with high- fashion and their Erika iteration is one that really works for us. There’s a type of effortless grace to them that comes in under budget. Ideal for the sunny boat trip ahead of a nice dive into the Biscayne.

Armani Exchange AX107 Designer Glasses
Armani Exchange AX107

These supremely stylish spectacles from much-loved Armani are very studious in their design. They are a more refined spectacle that ooze class and are nicely tipped off with a light blue finish which gives these frames an added sparkle. When you shop for designer glasses you needn’t think the cost is prohibitive, especially as the winter sales have brought the prices on most models down a great deal. Superb for taking in the sight, sounds and smells at the Daytona 500. Engines ready!

Prada PR 13TV Designer Glasses
Prada PR 13TV

Think Prada and most South Floridians may think that an item is out of their reach. However this isn’t the case in all instances. These well-priced frames are quirky and exciting, almost with a mind of their own. Similar to the Armani eyewear, these are studious in their look but also quite playful in their demeanor. Perfect for that first trip back at the Everglades National Park.

Chloe CE2703 Designer Glasses

Chloe CE2703

Now, when it comes to making a bold, but fun, statement you can’t do much better than these from Chloe. Another offering from a designer brand that is within reach. These tortoise shell rimmed glasses hark back to the 60s and have a certain unabandoned charm that is needed in 2021. These are fearless but understated. A must have for those dreamy walks down South Beach at dusk.

No Longer Only for the Disgustingly Rich Crowd

Designer glasses are no longer priced at a level that would leave most of us standing in shock. The overall market in most ‘luxury’ goods has become more in line with the everyday shopper, and not just because of the financial crisis that has accompanied the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Frankly most luxury brands, in any sphere, have been forced to cater for a more realistic customer base, one that doesn’t sit on the edge of 90 foot long yachts sipping overpriced champagne. The never ending appetite for shopping online has further reduced costs and made it far easier to complete a stylish look without breaking the bank.

This is great news for ‘normal’ Floridians and especially so given the truly great deals can be found online, making the practice of securing a great pair of designer glasses as easy as pie. Furthermore, if you are not comfortable with glasses, you can also try contact lenses, check it here.

So what are you waiting for? You want to complete that great beach ready look don’t you and you just know that those fashionable glasses will do the trick.



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