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Enjoy Free Soup Joumou to Celebrate Haiti’s Independence Day in Miami

 Enjoy Free Soup Joumou to Celebrate Haiti’s Independence Day in Miami
On January 1st, drop off you resume and enjoy a free bowl of soup joumou to celebrate Haiti’s Independence Day  

[MIAMI] – Start off 2021 right! Enjoy a free soup joumou at home after taking the first step to secure a life changing career in Little Haiti.

Why starting 2021 with a free soup, you ask? As legend has it, Haitians were forbidden from drinking the joumou soup. When they became the first nation to abolish slavery on January 1st 1804, they celebrated with this once forbidden meal.

Over 200 years later, entrepreneurs from Little Haiti continue to honor their tradition by bringing awareness on the career opportunities their community has for you.

$100M in jobs coming to Little Haiti

“This year, the #JoumouChallenge means much more than Haiti’s independence day. It is an opportunity to heal from the massive jobs lost due to COVID 19 and move forward with the $100M in jobs coming to Little Haiti,” says Captain Haiti, Founder of $HaitiCoin.

‘’As an educator, I take on the responsibility to bridge the gap between the education system and the information our community needs to take advantage of these job opportunities,’’ says Ashley Toussaint, CEO of Toussaint Consulting, LLC.

‘’We are often the last one to be hired and the first one to be let go,’’ says Jon Solomon, owner of Fernandine’s Variety Store. ‘’Our solution is a simple one. Drop off your resume and celebrate better things ahead in 2021 with a warm soup. L’union fait la force!‘’

How to receive a free bowl of soup joumou?

Drop off your resume or business cards in Little Haiti on Friday, January 1st,  between 11AM and 9PM at 26 NE 54th Street, Miami, Florida, 33137. Social distancing will be practiced.

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