Does COVID Self-Testing Help?

The increasing spread of the Omicron variant of the coronavirus has compelled a lot of people to start getting approved COVID self-testing kits like Flowflex rapid test.

However, in all this rush, some people remain remarkably calm in the storm and find themselves asking pivotal questions like; does getting a COVID self-testing kit really help? And, if it does, how exactly does it do so?

Well, let’s get down to the bare basics and review these latest medical resources from scratch!

COVID Self-testing kits

What are COVID Self-Testing Kits?

Since there was an overwhelming number of people who needed the COVID-19 test done, it became almost impossible for hospitals to handle this high demand.

COVID self-testing kits were designed as a way for people to get a relatively factual idea of whether or not they had contracted this deadly disease. That being said, it would be wrong to assume that all COVID self-testing kits are the same.

This is because many of the kits in the market fall into one of two categories. We’ll be going into further detail on that now.

Types of At-Home Testing Kits

As we’ve established, there are different types of COVID self-testing kits that you can get. Two of these are;

The Antigen Test

Also commonly referred to as a rapid test, this type of COVID at-home testing kit works by checking for proteins that have become associated with the presence of COVID in the human body.

It usually takes these tests about 10 to 30 minutes to determine whether or not you’re positive for COVID. The results that these tests give are quite reliable.

The PCR Test

PCR is an acronym for polymerase chain reaction. These types of tests work by checking your DNA for the presence of the coronavirus. With some of these tests, you would usually have to send a sample of DNA to the lab for extensive and proper analysis.

You can also rely on the results that you get with a PCR test.

Does Performing These Tests Help?

Yes, it does!

What’s more, there are several reasons why it does, too! We’ll be going into some of those now.

How Self-Testing Helps

Some of the benefits of getting a reliable self-testing kit are that;

  • It Gives You Peace of mind

When you leverage these tests, you don’t have to worry as much as before. As you know, many of the symptoms of COVID resemble those of allergies and the common flu. With this test, you can quickly eliminate COVID if you test negative and get on with giving yourself proper treatment.

  • It Helps Save Lives

As we’ve gone to great lengths to establish, these at-home tests are incredibly accurate, especially with their positive results. If you’re able to find that you have the virus, you’ll be able to get treatment faster, increasing your chances of recovery.

  • It Helps Keep Your Family Safe

Just like it can help you treat yourself faster, the result of these kits can help you initiate quarantine faster, helping you prevent the spread of the virus to your loved ones.

So, yes, getting these kits can make all the difference sometimes!


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