What Is an Enail and Why You Should Get One?

What Is an Enail and Why You Should Get One?

Have you always been a dabber? If you were hiding under a rock these days, you would never have known that gone were the days of torch and nail combo. These days, scraping all of the material and heating it up with a nail, and wielding a torch in the hopes you’d get to the right temp is absolutely obsolete. We’ve now entered the digital age when you get a dab via an enail.

What is an Enail anyway?

Enails are your new dabbing partner. An Enail Kit would come with a piece of portable wiring equipment that’s used to heat up the nail on the end of a long winding coil. This system works perfectly in maintaining one temperature to heat up your material and for hassle-free dab sessions with you and your partner. The best thing about it is you can take large dabs without a fuss.

Why Should You Use an Enail for Your Dabs?

Well, aside from the convenience that the enail or erig is offering you, there are still more advantages in exchanging it from the torch and nail you have been used to.

Getting a Quickie Dab is Faster

Like it or not. There always comes a moment when you just want to take a 5-minute dab before you go on your next shift and it’s 7:00 am on the dot. Well, just heat up your Enail while you shower and get hit with a few large dabs. You won’t waste any time and the fact of the matter is, you can get it done whenever you want.

Portable Enails Are Already in The Market

If you’re wondering if you will have to resort to the nail and torch again when you’re out, don’t be dissuaded. It’s not going to happen because portable kits are there to save the day. Portable enails, of course, run on batteries that could last you at least 2 hours or about 30 dabs.

Sometimes coined as the portable dab rigs, these on-the-go enails are a combination of the pen and dab rig so it’s easy to carry and best of all, you can draw whenever, wherever you want.

Eliminate The Annoying Chore of Buying Butane

Everyone who has been dabbing for so long with a torch has experienced having to end the session abruptly because the cans have run out. Well, not anymore. Electric nails are much much cheaper than your $10 per week that you have to spend to fuel your gas cans. Plus, if you don’t like plugging it in every time you need to draw and dab, you can just buy a portable enail. It would be quicker and more convenient.

Trash That Torch

A few don’t really like having torches especially when a rowdy session is always expected. They would sometimes go out in flames if not attended to when you’re too high to handle anything. To avoid this hazardous event, you would have a much safer dab session with an enail. You won’t have to worry about burning down the house since enails use electricity instead of flames. Plus, you won’t need to clean up a lot of mess that always accompanies a dabbing session with a torch and nail.

Perfect Dabs for Everyone

Enail temps are consistent and you can control it with just a little toggle on the controls. Unlike torches where you need a considerable skill just to get that timing between heating and dropping the dab, you won’t have to give yourself a difficult time when using enails. With the consistent heat coming from the equipment to the nail, you will ultimately have that perfect dab. This is also very suitable for people who don’t use a torch and nail that often as they can just heat it up and be on their way to merriment heaven.

What Is an Enail and Why You Should Get One?No One-Off Large Dabs

You won’t have to be pissed when you can’t just take that large dab another time as the excess oil is not hot enough to keep it running for you. With an enail, you will have a sufficient amount of taking globs because the coil just heats the nail consistently for an oversized hit. Everyone knows that in order to have huge dabs, consistent and controlled heat is required which you can’t do with the nail and torch in hand.

Enails are the new and more convenient tool for taking dabs and globs to keep you satisfied and high. Combined with a consistent and controlled heating mechanism, the enail makes it possible to ease your hunger and get a quick dab as well as make the session safer for you and your comrades.


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