5 Things You Better Know Before Dating a Jamaican Woman

Dating a Jamaican WomanDating a Jamaican girl is like riding a shark, it’s a lot of fun once you realize they are in control and you just need to go with the flow. 

If you are a non-Jamaican interested in dating a Jamaican girl, it helps to have some insider knowledge. A little insight from a few Jamaicans who have dating and even married a beautiful Jamaican. It’s all worth it in the end, but you better be prepared to follow some rules. 

These tips will help you make a great first impression and build a relationship that lasts.

1 – No F**kery: Sincerity Matters

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Jamaican ladies don’t have time to play games, and they can smell bullsh*t from the other side of the island. Their BS radar is highly tuned and built-in, like a sixth sense. They don’t tolerate any nonsense, and they will let you know right away. 

You need to show genuine interest and tell the truth whenever possible. Even little white lies can lead to black storms, so reevaluate any f*ckery right away. 

Avoid playing games or approaching the idea of dating a Jamaican woman just because she seems exotic or foreign. Get real! Much of the fun of a new relationship is about getting to know this island queen. 

2 – Boonoonoonoos: Romance Lives

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If you want to impress a Jamaican woman and make her fall head over heels, turn up the romance. 

Nothing is too over the top. Treat the lady who has caught your eye like a queen and you’ll have her heart. 

And it’s not about money… it’s all about effort. Stick to thoughtful gifts, pampering, and pay special attention to her comfort and feelings. That all goes a long way. 

Old-school chivalry is always a great touch. Do not be afraid to ask her what she wants when it comes to these romantic gestures. 

3 – Immersion: Learn About Jamaican Culture

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Take an interest in who she is and where she comes from. Try her favorite Jamaican dishes and listen to the music she loves. 

Learn a few romantic patois phrases to whisper in her ear as you stroll along the beach or down a city street. Immerse yourself in local life instead of sticking with the tourist experience alone. 

Even if things do not work out with target of your affections, you will still benefit from your immersion in Jamaican life.

4 – Date A Jamaican Girl, Date Her Family

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When you date a Jamaican girl, you date her family. In Jamaican culture, women play a huge role in their family affairs. Her mom is the matriarch of the family, so you better be prepared to win her over. 

Bring out all the stops and behave like a gentleman. Show her mom that you’re genuine and that you care about her daughter. That will go a long way.

Jamaican families stick together and discuss everything. If you want to date an island woman, get used to a new level of sharing. Be respectful and get to know the important people in her life.

5 – Work Hard & Aim High

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You might have an impression of Jamaican people as very relaxed and laid back. Island living and relaxing. 

While it’s true that Jamaicans have lots of fun, they still want you to show ambition. This means you have a purpose in life and are not afraid to take care of your responsibilities and work hard toward a good career. 

Jamaican immigrants work very hard to establish themselves. Although you do not need to share your life plan when you’re casually dating, expect her and her family to have questions if things carry on longer.

These five pieces of good advice for dating a Jamaican girl work well. They can help you whether you are looking for a short-term connection on vacation or a life partner. Respect, ambition, romance, and an interest in Jamaican culture will take you far. 

Now walk good, and impress your Jamaican girlfriend. 


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