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Consul General Of Jamaica – Miami Christmas & New Year’s Message

MIAMI – The Hon. Sandra Grant Griffiths, Consul General of Jamaica – Miami, Christmas & New Year’s Message:

Fellow Jamaicans – My best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.

We are at an exciting place in history as we usher out the year 2011 and anticipate the year 2012. It is customary and necessary that we express appreciation for the blessings of the year past. Though replete with challenges, we have been strengthened and without a doubt have gleaned useful lessons from our varied experiences, as a country and as a people.

The year was highlighted by the swearing in of a new Prime Minister, the Honourable Andrew Holness, consequent on the demitting of Office by Prime Minister Bruce Golding. The year will end with National Elections as we reaffirm our political responsibilities as citizens of Jamaica and citizens of the world engaged in peaceful and democratic change.

Our athletic prowess again dominated in track and field, and the accolades to our sporting heroes and heroines, we are confident, presage the 2012 Olympics when we invite all imperially to “Meet Jamaica in London”.

Our cultural emissaries continued to bestride the world stage as our music, art forms and cuisine gained stellar recognition.

Economically, we remained more than merely afloat, and incrementally achieved economic growth in a situation of recovery from the dire impact of a world recession.

Our Tourism product enjoyed cumulative support and our Foreign Direct Investment figures remained encouraging. Worrying national security issues received concerted attention and creditable gains were made in a situation where, admittedly, the entire society must remain vigilant.

These efforts on the home front were equally well replicated by Jamaicans overseas as our global Diaspora continued to represent the best of Jamaica in every walk of life.

“Brand Jamaica” is strong, vibrant, viable, and internationally recognized. This we owe as much to the determined zeal on the home front, as we do to the exemplary partnership with our Jamaican Diaspora who we happily invite home for a “Grand Homecoming” in 2012.

Here in the jurisdiction of Florida, the Southern States of the United States of America, the Cayman Islands and the Bahamas, I want to especially recognize the assistance and support for the work of the Consulate General from our many nationals. Equally, I salute the many friends who know and love Jamaica, and express appreciation for the collegiality extended by officials of the cities, counties and States we serve.

The Consulate General will continue to effectively engage, for Jamaica and the people of Jamaic, and, we look eagerly to co-joined efforts and activities to celebrate Jamaica in 2012. Our national spirit will take pride of place as we take the decree of the Government of Jamaica to heart and urge our community to celebrate Jamaica for the entire year, commemorating together in fine Jamaican style the 50th Anniversary of Independence of “Jamaica, Land We Love”.

Hon. Sandra Grant Griffiths, JP
Consul General Of Jamaica – Miami

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