Congresswoman Wilson’s Statement on the Impeachment Inquiry vs. Biden

Washington D.C.  Today, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (FL-24) released the following statement regarding the House vote to open an impeachment inquiry on President Biden.

Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson on Biden Impeachment Inquiry
Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson (file photo)

“This impeachment inquiry exemplifies the absurdity of the Republican party’s laughable attempt at governance. Despite months of searching, MAGA Republicans have failed to produce any credible evidence against President Biden. Even their own witnesses and documents have inadvertently vindicated the President, exposing the hollowness of their allegations.

“This vote is nothing but a political ploy, orchestrated to hurt the President’s image in the lead–up to an election year. After these disastrous couple of months of Republican dysfunction, Trump’s foot soldiers are grasping at straws, seeking retribution after the former president was impeached for proven crimes.

“On top of all this, Hunter Biden has offered to testify publicly, and Republicans denied him from testifying because they much prefer to twist the narrative so they can keep feeding lies to the American public.

“While everyday Americans are worried about putting food on the table, raising their family, and ensuring their children have a bright future, Republicans are wasting our time with baseless nonsense. Democrats, in stark contrast, remain committed to prioritizing people over politics.”

For materials and facts on the Republicans’ impeachment scam, click here.

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