Common Mental Health Challenges Facing Caribbean Students

Mental Health Challenges Facing Caribbean Students

Mental health is a subject that is of very high importance, especially for Caribbean students. Now that universities have shifted to online learning, not having any physical or social contact with your colleagues can come with negative feelings and emotions.

Even though for some these mental problems might not seem much, they are indeed affecting their functioning, emotional health, and learning process. These mental health challenges come with an overwhelming pressure not all students are ready to face. Getting a college education is already a tough and challenging process, and mental health issues can make it feel burdensome. But which are the most common mental health challenges facing Caribbean students?


Under the umbrella of anxiety, there are many other subtypes of related disorders students might need to face. There is Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), a disorder characterized by a constant feeling of anxiety that is interfering with students’ daily activities and affecting their relationships. We all feel anxious from time to time, but all anxiety disorders are characterized by very high levels of anxiety. There is Social anxiety disorder, a disorder that is characterized by irrational fear, anxiety, embarrassment caused by daily interactions with other people.

At the same time, Caribbean students could face performance anxiety, a type of anxiety that makes students fear that they will fail a specific task and they will end up in humiliation. The latter one is a type of anxiety disorder that is very present in the lives of students, especially when they have complex tasks and assignments to accomplish. During university, essays are the most popular type of tasks students might get, and when they feel they cannot write it, they shift their attention to a writing service. They search on Google for: someone to write my essay and a professional writer from can help them overcome some of the most challenging tasks. But some of the symptoms of anxiety cannot be so easily kept away. Among these are shortness of breath, irritability, having difficulties focusing, fearfulness, stress, or headaches, and muscle pain.


Mental Health Challenges Facing Caribbean Students


Usually, depression and anxiety go hand in hand because they might arise or be triggered by the same stimuli. It is the perspective of every Caribbean student on the events he or she goes through that could influence the intensity of these disorders. The symptoms of depression might be different from one human to another. However, some of them are common to most Caribbean students. Feelings of hopelessness, acute sadness, and loss of interest in the activities that once were pleasant. Moreover, students might often experience changes in appetite, insomnia, or hypersomnia.

All these affect negatively the mental health of students, who are more prone to falling behind their deadlines and experiencing high levels of stress. This is because depression is constantly affecting the thinking process of students who may have trouble concentrating, difficulties when reading, and completing their tasks. You can read free essay samples on this topic on The intensity and frequency of these symptoms could say if you are experiencing depression. If they appear regularly and are affecting your relationships, study process, and lifestyle, then it would be wise to seek professional help.

Suicidal Ideation

1.4% of global deaths are from suicide and this percentage continues to rise especially after 2020. The last year was a difficult and tough one that did not allow students to meet with each other and only increased their loneliness. Many students are committing suicide or thinking about and planning it. This strong wish to die might arise from frustration, extreme sadness and hopelessness, doubt, anxiety, and a combination of all these. Students that are having suicidal ideation might feel they are a burden to the ones around them and withdraw from their relationships.


Being a student might come with many positive emotions and experiences, but it also comes with stress, anxiety, and depression. Because the global pandemic came with many changes in terms of lifestyle and learning, Caribbean students might face many mental health challenges. There might be a constant fear of social situations, of completing tasks or just going in public.

There might be constant feelings of hopelessness, intense sadness, and loss of interest in activities that were once pleasant. And all these combined can lead to suicidal ideation, whose rates are constantly on the rise. All these mental health challenges facing Caribbean students can be solved if asked for professional help.

Mental Health Challenges Facing Caribbean Students


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