Stay Sharp at Any Age: 3 of the Best Brain Games for Seniors

Worried about cognitive decline? There are different ways you can keep your mind sharp in your golden years. Here are 3 of the best brain games for seniors.

Stay Sharp at Any Age: 3 of the Best Brain Games for Seniors

People are living longer than ever before.

Indeed, between 2000 and 2016, the global average life expectancy grew by 5.5 years.

Greater life longevity is good news for everybody! But it isn’t without its challenges. After all, old age is full of trials and tribulations.

Among them all, cognitive decline can be a particularly scary prospect. The good news, though, is that brain training can slow the process. Want to learn more?

Read on for the 3 top brain games for seniors looking to stay sharp.

  1. Sudoku

Sudoku is wildly popular around the world.

The concept is simple. Your task is to fill the gaps in a 9×9 grid with numbers 1 through 9. There are nine 3×3 blocks. Each block and every column and row must contain the digits from 1 to 9.

You can’t have the same number twice in either a block, row or column.

Sound easy? It isn’t! Sudoku’s great for working up a mental sweat. Puzzles have different difficulty ratings, ranging from easy to exceptionally tough.

They require problem-solving skills, memory utilization, and pattern recognition.

  1. Chess

Chess is a classic game that’s been played for centuries.

Played online, on a mobile app, or the old-fashioned way (on an actual chessboard), you’re sure to feel the cognitive benefits.

Chess is a game of strategy. Played against an opponent, each chess piece is lined up in specific formation; each piece moves around the board in different ways.

Taking it in turns, the aim is to take your opponents pieces and, eventually, get checkmate.

This addictive game requires you to plan ahead. To win, players must hold multiple moves and potentialities in mind at once. Memory, problem-solving, forward-planning, and clear-thinking are all important.

It’s one of the best and oldest brain games on the market.

  1. Crosswords

Crosswords are another classic game that can keep your mind in good health.

You’ve almost certainly come across them before! Again, you can find crosswords in all sorts of different places.

From the daily newspaper to specific crossword books, and on the computer (FYI, many other traditional games are on the computer these days too. For instance, you can play Bingo online as well).

The rules are simple, but the process is often far from easy.

Using the clues provided, you’re tasked with finding the appropriate word to fit in the boxes. The crossword gets easier as you find more answers.

Time to Try These Brains Games for Seniors

There you have it: 3 of the best brain games for seniors looking for stay sharp.

As we all know, getting old comes with issues. Rates of cognitive decline, for instance, are highly correlated with aging. Old-age often leads to reduced mental capacity and even neurological illness.

Thankfully, there are relatively straightforward ways to slow down that deterioration. The brain games above represent a few of them. They’ll help you stay sharper for longer while providing some fun in the process.

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