Commercial Vehicles: The Most Useful Devices To Improve The Drivers’ Safety

Commercial Vehicles: The Most Useful Devices To Improve The Drivers' Safety

For modern vehicle manufacturers, the safety of road users is of utmost importance to them. Invariably, this leads to the modifications of some elements that used to be in cars – sometimes, these changes can be very unexpected.

The first step when trying to improve the safety of your fleet is to get everyone onboard with the plans and see reasons for safety. Next is the purchase of everything needed to ensure the safety of the driver; from insurance to enhanced safety devices

With the rapid evolution of technologies, several designs are being made to protect drivers. In other cases, there are improvements to existing devices. Here are some useful devices that increase the chances of keeping a driver safe.

1.    Rearview mirrors

The rearview mirror device is one of the most basic but essential safety devices in the vehicle. It assists the driver during overtaking, parking in reverse gear, etc. . It also allows the driver to adjust the mirror according to his/her seat position.

So how do they look?

An anchor holds the rearview mirror to the windscreen with a special type of joint called the ‘swivel’ joint.  Manufacturers placed this mirror at the top of the windscreen inside the cabin.

Generally, vehicles also have a pair of mirrors attached to the body from outside. They are popular as ‘side mirrors’ or Outer Rear View Mirrors (ORVM) which serve the same purpose.

In recent times, manufacturers have built digital mirrors which operate in several modes; changing the viewing angle. This makes packing, turning, and overall driving much safer.

2.    Dash Cameras

Dash cameras are the most genuine witnesses to accidents on the road as they are always watching in case of a collision.They protect the driver and other road users in case of an incident. To prevent fraud and promote safe driving amongst commercial or truck drivers, fleet camera systems can be installed in. Once the engine comes on, the camera system begins recording and continues to do so until the engine is turned off.

In the face of any road accident or incident, the driver-facing and road-facing footage can be viewed for better understanding of the event.

During a hit-and-run accident, the video footage is played on your phone or computer to know who the driver was. how fast they were going, and see near real-time vehicle name and location with GPS tracking.

Smart video technology lets fleet managers or law enforcement agencies know how to assess a situation and make better judgment. Corrective action can be given instantly without sifting through hours of video.

3.    Disc-Lock Safety Wheel Nut

Commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses with a spigot-mounted type of wheels usually operate in extreme conditions and temperatures. They are subjected to steady vibration and exposed to all types of road conditions. This puts a great deal of pressure and load forces on the wheel nuts of the vehicle.

The Disc-Lock Safety Wheel Nut is a free-spinning, vibration-proof wheel nut custom designed to prevent wheel loss in commercial vehicles.

With numerous instances of loose wheel nuts and wheel detachments, the Disc-Lock Safety Wheel nut is widely recognized as an essential road safety device that is superior to the standard two-piece wheel nuts. It is considered to be a complete solution that assures drivers and vehicle owners that every wheel on their fleet is safe and secure.

The Disc-Lock Safety Wheel Nut maintains the clamping force in all conditions, providing the ultimate wheel security on our roads.

Commercial Vehicles: The Most Useful Devices To Improve The Drivers' Safety

4.    CarAIDE Multi-tool

CarAide is a car starter. It helps the vehicle’s engine start very easily without need for jumper wires or another vehicle; charges your gadgets for you and at the same time compact enough to fit in the cupholder. This device always comes in handy.

During an emergency, having a caraide is vital as it can help you break the car glass and cut your seatbelt quickly. In addition to this, there is also a compact compass and  it triggers a loud alarm system to scare away intruders. There is a flashlight that operates in an emergency light mode if necessary, to make it easier enough to find the multi-tool.

When driving, there are always chances where the risk of being in an accident is high. It might have been when you were trying to change the station on your stereo, adjust the temperature, drink water, or even look at your navigation device.

This is why safety of a driver must be taken seriously. In addition to being more cautious when driving, getting the devices listed above and even researching more would go a long way in keeping both driver and passengers safe.



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