What New Drivers Should Always Practice Whenever They’re on the Road

You have gotten your driver’s license for the first time, and you can’t wait to get behind the steering wheel and move around. The excitement seems surreal, and it is a dream you were looking forward to obtaining. However, before getting on the road, here are the top tips that you should always have at the back of your mind.

New Drivers Should Always Practice

Always Have a Seat Belt

No matter the distance you are traveling, always remember to use your seatbelt. Your safety is a priority all the time when you are on the road. An assumption that the distance is short and you don’t need a belt may be detrimental. Should an accident happen, a safety belt comes in handy in protecting you from impending danger. Most severe accidents can be fatal when you don’t have a belt. Additionally, if you have passengers with you, ensure they buckle up before proceeding on the road.

Are Your Hands on the Wheel?

The imagination that you can use one hand or none when driving is a notion that you should avoid at all costs. Always ensure you have your hands on the steering wheel to have total control of the car. Both hands should be on the wheel at all times, even when going for a short drive.

Your Cell Phone Is Not Necessary

The use of cell phones when driving is one of the most common causes of road crashes. When you use a mobile phone, it brings distractions that take away your attention from the road. Answering your calls or responding to messages when driving is against the traffic laws. However, sometimes you may have an emergency that requires you to answer your phone. In such an instance, it is advisable to drive off the road. Then, respond to the call before resuming your journey.

The assumption that you can do it in a few seconds can be catastrophic. Remember, a crash can unexpectedly happen in a split second when you are not watching. Other distractions can include attending to other passengers when your eyes should be on the road. Additionally, surfing through the radio to find your favorite channel when your eyes should be on the road is not advisable.

Don’t Let The Adrenaline Take Over

Sometimes when you get on the road for the first time, you may experience the thrill of speeding fast. However, that would be terrible news. Always start slow when you are a new driver. However, that doesn’t mean that crashes can’t happen at a slow speed. Maintaining the recommended speed limits on the roads is ideal.

Remember, every highway will have its maximum speed limits, which all drivers should adhere to always. In the unfortunate event, contacting your car accident attorney should follow. Additionally, it is also advisable to first familiarize yourself with the car you will be driving before taking long drives. It also reflects on using familiar routes before traversing through new highways that you don’t understand well. Irrespective of the road you use, always remember that your car should have optimization to enhance your safety and other road users.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can never transform from a novice to a pro driver if you don’t practice frequently. One essential aspect that you should hold at the back of your mind is that the theoretical driving skills you learned in the classroom will only make sense if you apply them on the road. Gradually, you will have full grip when driving, which increases your safety on the road.

Follow the Traffic Lights

Traffic lights are crucial in road safety. It allows you to know when to stop, get ready, and give you the green light to proceed on the road. Remember, there are multiple road users from other drivers, cyclists, and even others walking on the pathways.

Are You Using the Indicators?

It would be drastic to ignore the proper use of indicators when driving along any road. Indicators are essential in signaling other drivers about your intention to move. It can include slowing down, taking a right or left turn, and even increasing your speed to overtake a vehicle in front of you. Failure to properly use the indicators means that the driver behind you or in front of you has no clue what your intentions are, and thus, a crash may occur.

New Drivers Should Always Practice

A crucial aspect that you should consider as a new driver is that safety on the road starts with you. Therefore, defensive driving allows you to anticipate other drivers’ actions, which may endanger your safety and theirs. It gives you the upper hand in calling the shots should a potential trigger of an accident happen, which will keep you safe. Additionally, always remember to maintain a safe distance between you and the driver in front. The action referred to as tailgating can cause a crash. Not to mention that you should always keep to your lane at all times.

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