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Commentary with Winston Barnes: Teachers’ Jobs

DAVIE – As the summer holidays for schools get underway, word is coming that hundreds of teachers are being fired. The newer one is to the field of teaching the more likely it is that teachers are losing their jobs, which means some amount of innovation is also going out of the class room.

That this is happening with little or no outrage from parents is a mark of a sad state of affairs in education. This is happening when students are being taught only to taking tests, but more critically, it is taking place when a superintendent of schools continues to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary.

Why do parents who will head to school to abuse a teacher when a student complains, not also demand that a superintendent take a pay cut to save a few teaching jobs? Why do voters not pay more and more attention to school board elections where they actually make decisions on who will decide on the details about their children’s education.

The answer to all of the above is that no one really cares about children in schools, except maybe the children themselves. Superintendents will get hundreds of thousands of dollars, teachers will get dumped ever so often and our youngsters will continue to be abused. And we’ll continue to wonder why other industrialized countries have better educated citizens.

Winston Barnes
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