Commentary with Winston Barnes: 2008 Elections

DAVIE – Discussions on our talk show (Open Mic With Winston Barnes on WAVS 1170AM) Friday (October 24) helped show up not only how political shenanigans can affect how people vote, but also how voters can be totally confused.

A caller asked about a particular amendment to the Florida Constitution that would remove a clause from the charter. My explanation to the caller could not have been more incorrect. Thanks to listeners who have spent the time reading and coming to an understanding of the law, were able to inform me the correct understanding of the law.

News reports keep reminding us how legislators and their proxies, like lobbyists, write laws to confuse voters into voting for change that is not to their benefit, but instead bring harm. For one to support a measure while one believes the vote would be a yes, a no would more accurately be in that voter’s benefit!

This situation should cause voters to not vote only for say a Presidential candidate, but to vote for everything on the ballot. Legislators would possible get the notion voters will not be fooled. But that would not be enough. Voters should then demand that ballot items and the subsequent laws be written in language that all can understand, not only the crooks who would subvert democracy at its most basic and fundamental level.

Not voting the who ballot is not the response to crooks trying to fool us.

Winston Barnes
Host – “Open Mic” WAVS 1170AM

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