Commentary by Winston Barnes: To Men, All

SOUTH FLORIDA – Today’s commentary is directed to men in our community in particular and men in general.

A number of recent developments at the highest levels at this country show the clearest ways in which women are disrespected in this country.

For a one time Military General to find the time to add to the already misogynist utterances of his boss at the White House is simply deplorable.

John Kelly and Frederica Wilson, how a man treats a woman

John Kelly and Frederica Wilson

A boss who boasted about grabbing women in their private parts, is just plain sad, bordering on the criminal.

Recent allegations about a top Hollywood producer by a number of actresses being not only sexually harassed but raped as well, is but one more indication of the lack of respect for women in general serves as a sad commentary on this whole country.

It is therefore fit and right for all men in this country as elsewhere, to take stock, as frankly as possible, of our attitudes to women.

Forget what women do sometimes actively to condone or even encourage this kind of dastardly behavior pattern.

Ask yourself, men, how much you have done to add to the scorn that is heaped upon women as a matter of course in our daily activities of living?

Ask if your attitudes to sex and the exploitation of women is something you would want imposed on your mother, grandmother, niece, aunt, and yes your daughter.

To paraphrase a saying that is still current, “when some men choose to go low with their behavior toward women, elevate yourself and in so doing raise up your women as well, with your attitudes and your actions”.

Commentary with Winston Barnes

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