Commentary with Winston Barnes: Dreadlocks – Cultural hijack

SOUTH FLORIDAIn an on-line report there is a photograph of a man attending a Ku Klux Klan meeting, wearing patches on his shirt signifying his association with the group, and wearing what appears to be dreadlocks!

To say this is ironic would amount to the understatement of this century so far.

If this is anything other than fake news, it suggests so many realities of day to day life in these United States, many of which are downright insane or considering the circumstances, just plain expected.

Ridiculousness having become the norm.

How can anyone in their right mind appropriate the trappings of another group of people, which it has not only hated for centuries but has hung from trees across these United States.

How could this young white man not know that dreadlocks is as Black and African as anyone can get, or appear to be?

Is this another sign of white privilege?

But Black folk, especially Jamaicans have caused and or allowed this to happen.

Long ago, wearing dreadlocks became what many call “style and fashion”.

Some non-Jamaicans have understood and sported dreadlocks as a political and/or cultural statement. The latter I might even pardon.

Bob Marley with Dreadlocks - Cultural hijack

But those who wear dreadlocks and have no idea of the sufferation Rastafarian brethren have had to endure even at the hands of their own policemen over the decades, have not only served to denigrate the sanctity of dreadlocks, but have essentially sold out their bona fide culture for the acceptance of a world which hardly cares about a race’s suffering of ages ago, and in current times as well.

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Photo Credit: Leroy “Dreamy” Riley


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