Commentary with Winston Barnes: Bob Marley’s Legacy?

Bob Marley’s Legacy?
Bob Marley

SOUTH FLORIDA – I am now convinced that Bob Marley’s work was in vain, at least for Jamaicans.

We know so little about what he did at a time when it is simplistic in how we can acquire that information.

Proof of that ignorance lies in how we disrespect his work, and by extension Jamaican culture.

Take for example, the fact that Jamaica now has upwards of dozens of radio stations most of which air only foreign music. This too at a time when Jamaicans create and perform virtually every genre of music.

In the early 1970’s at JBC Radio I was able to program a whole week of non-stop Jamaican music, why not in 2018?

Listening to a motivational type program on Jamaican radio two evenings ago, every insert I heard, was foreign in origin! In 2018, nonetheless!

Yes it is easier to find the canned stuff on the internet, but local content must be available, or relatively easy to create from scratch.

My question, the day after we celebrated Bob Marley’s birthday, is what would we say to Bob were he here now?

Foreigners have long shown more regard for Marley’s music than we have. Fact.

This has happened at a time when Jamaican culture, not the music alone, has been coarsened to the point where one Jamaican newspaper can publicize what amounts to a sickening front page headline about a child who was sexually molested.

One thing I am sure about is that the Bob I knew loved women, and had daughters, and would have more than harsh words for such a headline.

To compound our disrespect for the greatest icon we have ever produced, we walk around not knowing anything about him and then turn around and talk rubbish about reggae music and the Grammy awards.


Winston Barnes
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