Caribbean VeggieFest – Health Tourism & Spa Conference 2008 in Jamaica

HANOVER, Jamaica – Positive Tourism Limited, the producers of the Caribbean VeggieFest and the Caribbean Health Tourism and Spa Conference, has created a novel concept, by collaborating a wellness event and conference to form a wholistic event for the health conscious.

This event will be held March 15-16, 2008 at the Rhodes Hall Plantation in Orange Bay, Hanover, Jamaica (between Green Island & Orange Bay) .

The Wellness Revolution, which came into prominence back in the 1990s, has anticipated the growth of the wellness industry’s trillion dollar business, which has now spawned this most recent amalgamation.

Caribbean VeggieFest – Health Tourism & Spa Conference 2008, the mega event will be a celebration of wellness from a wholistic perspective with its foundation in vegetarianism.

The culinary section will have a focus on every conceivable type of vegetarian food available in the Caribbean including five star gourmet preparations, raw foods, healthy juices, natural pies, natural herbs & spices, natural wines (from plant sources). Exhibitors will include vegetarian restaurants, vegetarian food purveyors, juice makers, natural seasoning producers, herb growers, and a farmers market.

The health section will take a more professional approach by having wellness professionals from around the world sharing their knowledge and expertise in the form of workshops and seminars. This section is usually reserved for individuals who are in the health and wellness industries and are looking to improve their skills, knowledge and marketing strategies.

The spa section will focus on how to run a successful and professional spa. A sample Spa management program will showcase Frontline staff training, customer satisfaction during the spa experience from the time the customer enters the spa until the moment they leave. The use of Caribbean natural products will also be showcased.

Positive Tourism Network demonstrates its commitment to health and wellness through its philosophy of lifestyle transformation. Our vision of healing our minds, body and spirit through thoughts, words, and food has led to the creation of this Caribbean vegetarian based event.

Caribbean VeggieFest – Health Tourism & Spa Conference2008 promises to deliver on March 15 and 16, two days of learning, networking and business development where you can elevate your business to a new spiritual high.

Some of our sponsors include: The Jamaica Ministry of Tourism and its agencies; Jamaica Business Development Centre (JTBC); Things Jamaican Wellness, Day Spa Association, and International Medical Spa Association.

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