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Caribbean and Latin American Countries urged to work together for development

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Juan Carlos Espinola, has called on Caribbean and Latin America countries to work together to achieve social and economic development.

“In today’s world, globalization has taken a very strong hold in terms of what happens in social and economic development and therefore, this is why interdependence is important. The policies are being developed, financial investments.do not work the way in which third world countries can relate to it. and so we need to work together,” he stated.

Mr. Espinola, who was addressing the model United Nations (UN) assembly held today (April 26), at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston, noted that concerns of health, education, and nutrition are common issues that affect all developing countries in the Americas and by working together, these problems can be eradicated.

He further suggested that developing countries could examine the failures of developed countries and used this as a guide to achieve development. “At times, their (developed countries) programmes of action are not always very successful and consequently, we need to revise them. We can learn from the experiences of other countries and then try to implement them with a national flavour,” he pointed out.

The UNDP Representative also called on governments in the region to examine issues that are of importance to their country’s development at both the national and regional level.

Some 300 students from schools across the island participated in the assembly representing 25 UN member states. The model assembly is an annual activity of the UN Association of Jamaica (UNAJ), a non-governmental organisation founded in 1949 to support the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and to promote public awareness of the UN and its agencies.

The event was held under the theme: ‘Inter-Dependence is inevitable for the survival of all nations’.

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