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West Grove’s ACE Theater Foundation Receives Award from the National Park Service

West Grove's ACE Theater Foundation Receives Award from the National Park Service
ACE Theater

[MIAMI] –  On June 3, 2021, the National Parks Service announced awards totaling $2.4 million to six projects in six states as part of the History of Equal Rights grant program, funded through the Historic Preservation Fund, and administered by the National Park Service, Department of Interior.

The program supports state, Tribal, local, and nonprofit partners. Specifically in the physical preservation of historic sites related to the struggle for equal rights.

ACE Theater Restoration

Ace Theater Foundation, Inc. was awarded $398,199. As a result, the funds will be used to begin phased restoration of the historic ACE Theater. Focusing on the marquee and structural components. The Foundation’s goal is to rehabilitate the theater for use as a multipurpose cultural arts/ entertainment complex.

Located in West Coconut Grove, the theater was a prominent venue for movies, graduations, and proms. In addition to boxing matches, and concerts for the black community during the era of racial segregation.

Historic Site

In 2014 the ACE Theater was designated a local historic site by the City of Miami. Additionally, it was added to the National Register in 2016. The mission of the Foundation is to help restore the theater. Especially, based upon its historic importance in the lives of Black Americans who live and have lived in Coconut Grove, Miami, and Miami-Dade County.


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