Best Football Trophies in the World

Whether you are an ardent football fan or not, it comes as no surprise that football is probably the most popular game all over the world. There is European football, American soccer and again Latin American football. Globally, even though European and Latin American football dominates more than anything else, the National Football League in the USA itself is also not a joke. It is one of the most popular leagues in the world. So when the best of these leagues come, fans get crazy regarding whose team will win that one prestigious trophy. They cheer, change their body clocks and of course bet. You can check out if you are new to online betting to get the reviews about the best of them and then start sports betting! Let us take a look at some of the best football trophies around the world.

Best Football Trophies in the World

FIFA World Cup Trophy

So, this is obviously the best one in the game and that is hardly surprising. Not just in football, but it is the most prestigious award in the entire sector of sports all over the world. The kind of achievement that winning the cup makes for the winning team is simply unparalleled. A world cup can go much beyond the game itself. It can unite a nation into one single unit that cheers at their extraordinary joy. It was officially founded in 1930. It takes place once every four years. However, it did not take place either in 1942 or in 1946 due to World War II.

UEFA Champions League

This one is only for European football yet it is one of the most watched football leagues all over the world. It has a viewership of billions as everybody supports their favorite pro European club and expects them to win this prestigious trophy. Its design is magnificent. Because of its 2 huge handles, it is also called the “big ears”. Up till now, an English team has won it for a total of 12 times. Out of this, Liverpool has won 6 times, Manchester United again 6 times, Nottingham Forest 2 times and Aston Villa once. When the team wins it, the members have to wear the titleholder badge on their kit in the following season.

UEFA European Championship Trophy

So, here goes another championship trophy in European football. It is popularly known as “the Euros” by fans. The league takes place once every four years- exactly how the FIFA World Cup takes place. However, it is generally out of sync with the world cup in 2 years such that there is enough time and preparation for both. There are 24 qualifying teams for the cup but only one smiles at last! The first General Secretary of UEFA conceptualized such an European Championship. So, the trophy is also reckoned in his honor- Henri Delaunay Trophy. This silver trophy has a weight of 8 kgs and a height of 60 cm. The winning team also gets gold medals. 


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