Aifos Agency to add “Caribbean Flavor” to the Lifetime Miami Marathon 2020

Aifos Agency to add “Caribbean Flavor” to the Lifetime Miami Marathon 2020
“The Cheer Zone”

MIAMI – The Miami Marathon, an annual sporting event taking runners through the cities of Miami, Miami Beach, Coconut Grove, Brickell and Downtown Miami has added culture to its list of very attractive event experiences.

With its inaugural race on February 2, 2003, the Miami Marathon has been one of the fastest growing annual marathons, attracting world-class distance runners from both near and far, while over the years have experimented with different “along the course” activations, giving the event a taste of the diversity found across the 305.

Aifos Agency will return for its 9th year, to curate a “cultural” community cheer zone along the marathon route, providing much needed support, motivation and ENERGY to those brave enough to endure the 26.2 mile race.

The “cultural tapas” type experience will feature, light Caribbean breakfast bites, fresh pressed juices, Caribbean music, race giveaways and lots of energy, ensuring that those who come out to support the race participants, experience as authentic a Caribbean experience as possible. “Having the opportunity as a boutique multicultural agency, to work alongside the mega Miami Marathon brand, while featuring our rich cultural program is both an honor and huge responsibility, as I represent for an entire region.” states Asa Sealy, CEO, Aifos Agency.

The cheer zone will be located at the corner of South Miami Ave & SE 2nd Street (right before the S Miami Bridge, in front of Fedex offices) and will kick off at 6:30am, hosted by That Branding Guy and with Caribbean music provided by popular Caribbean DJ Savage Won, who will play music selections from popular island destinations such as, Haiti, Bahamas, Jamaica, Cuba and Trinidad & Tobago.

“We love the energy as we run through this zone every year. We hear the music from miles away and it pushes us to want to reach wherever the sound is coming from. The group really does a great job in cheering us on to complete the race.” states Yaquelin Muradas past Miami Marathon Finisher.

Join Aifos Agency, Raw Juce, Miami Under 40, CVG Consulting Co and the Lifetime Miami Marathon for some culture this coming Sunday, February 9th from 6:30am to 10:30am as we cheer on those up for the endurance event.


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