Is4we, Inc., the world’s first and only Caribbean dedicated search engine launched

NEW YORK – Persons wishing to surf the net for Caribbean content without having to navigate a sea of spam and billions of unrelated pages, can now finally do so. is4we, Inc., a small up-and-coming IT outfit headquartered in Dominica, on January 13th 2009, launched, a Search Engine dedicated to serving exclusive Caribbean related content from across the globe.

The world’s first and only dedicated’ global Caribbean’ search engine, the groundbreaking search service allows users to search for anything and everything related to the Caribbean across web, images, news and business.

In today’s fast paste age, is4we offers users the convenience of ‘one-stop-surfing’ for Caribbean content. Other websites and search engines serve up Caribbean content. However, the effort and time required to mine this information is laborious and wasteful. And after digging through pages and pages of content, the results are very often less than satisfactory. is4we cuts through the clutter, streamlines the search process, and returns quick and precise results.

Serving millions of results on every conceivable thing in and about the Caribbean, is4we is the one must-have internet resource for anyone even with the slightest interests in the Caribbean.

is4we is nothing like the Meta Search engines that feed of results from industry Search leaders. “We serve our own unique results, using our very own search index”, says Ibrahim Abdullah, CEO, “and we intend to keep it that way and compete for the Caribbean niche”. is4we’s Web Search delivers the most authentic results for queries related to exclusively Caribbean content. Our Image Search delivers uniquely returned image results for those hard to find beautiful Caribbean images. News results come from Caribbean news sources that are vetted and verified on a case by case basis. And with over 95,000 business listings in our Yellowpages, is4we’s Business Search puts users in touch with Caribbean owned businesses from across the globe.

Our technology and services at is4we are similar to that of the global dedicated service providers. Developed over a three-year period, our core design team was made up of software engineers spanning the Caribbean and three continents; Dominica, Romania, Vietnam and India. Nonetheless, the concept and energy behind the initiative is wholly Caribbean and homegrown. As the new kid on the block however, is4we lacks the mega marketing dollars and visibility. But what is4we may lack in reputation and budgets, it more than makes up in innovation, creativity and vision. Furthermore, is4we does not care to challenge the global dominance of its forerunners. Its business is totally focused on the Caribbean niche. “We don’t want to serve the global web”, says Mr. Abullah, “just the Global Caribbean.”

Consequently, is4we is committed to finding, creating, serving and providing exclusive Caribbean content without the clutter and errors for specific subject searches.

Users however can expect much more than content search from is4we in the ensuing months. “Our vision”, says Abdullah “is to creatively bring to users an exciting online Caribbean user experience that will span content search, social networking, eCommerce and holiday/vacation solutions.

With less than a month since its official launch, is still flying below the radar. It’s only a matter of time however before the word gets out and what was but a small step for our international team of developers may very well be a giant step for the Global Caribbean online.

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