8 Tips For Betting On The University of South Florida Bulls

Betting can be very confusing, but it is one of the more lucrative ways to earn big bucks fast. Sports betting has always had an enormous market, whether in professional sports, e-sports, pro-am leagues, or collegiate levels. There are many things to study to be successful in sports betting.

With a little bit of time and effort, it is possible to maximize the chances of winning when it comes to betting on collegiate teams. Continue reading to know more about the USF bulls and how to efficiently bet on their sports teams.

8 Tips For Betting On The University of South Florida Bulls

The University of South Florida is known as a public research university. It has three different campuses—one in St. Petersburg, one in Sarasota, and one in Tampa. The Tampa campus is considered the main campus for USF. The university fosters around 14 different colleges that all-in-all feature close to 180 undergraduate majors.

Along with this, USF also offers graduate, specialist, and doctorate degree programs. The university was founded in 1956. USF owns the title of being the fourth biggest university in Florida and the seventh-largest public university in the USA. It has a little over fifty thousand students from 150 countries worldwide, and it’s SACS accredited.

The USF sports teams are adequately known as the South Florida Bulls. The teams compete in division one of the NCAA. When the wins are tallied up, the university has won 153 conference championships and six national titles. USF’s athletes have won over seventeen individual national championships.

1. Choose Amongst All The Sports Carefully

There are a lot of sports to choose from when it comes to sports betting. The USF has eight different sports for their men’s teams and nine for their women’s teams.

Men’s Teams
  1. Baseball
  2. Basketball
  3. Cross Country
  4. Golf
  5. American Football
  6. Soccer


  1. Tennis
  2. Track and Field


Women’s Teams
  1. Basketball
  2. Cross Country
  3. Golf
  4. Sailing
  5. Soccer
  6. Softball
  7. Track and Field
  8. Tennis
  9. Volleyball

Choosing between these different sports can be daunting, especially for those who are new to sports betting. In determining which team to bet on, there is no need to rush. Confidence comes from preparation. If betting on a particular team comes with nervousness, it might mean that you’re betting on guts without the brains.

It may also be easier to bet on teams in familiar sports. Knowing how the game rules and the tournament format may help increase the chances of getting more intelligent critical. It can also be more fun and enjoyable to watch, track, and follow the bets made in a familiar sport.

USF has won multiple national championships in swimming. Both the men’s and women’s swimming teams are talented, with several national titles each in individual and relay races. The USF Bulls have also won national championships in Track and Field and Rifle.

Their most decorated team is the women’s sailing team which won three national titles. Although not an NCAA-sanctioned sport, it is still recognized by the university.

2. Parlays Are A No-Go

It isn’t a secret that multiple news headlines can be found of someone winning an insane amount of money because of a parlay betting. It can be anyone, but the chances are less than one in a million depending on your picks. If the plan is to create a sustainable betting system that brings in more money than losses, then it is best to stay away from parlay betting at all costs.

At a later stage in your wagering career, you will be able to include accumulators, parlays, and multiples in your overall strategy. But your bankroll needs to reach a good size before you can be afforded this luxury.

3. Understand The Numbers

Statistics and publicly available data may probably be the most important things to look at when planning to bet on a team. The numbers can tell the bettor everything they need to know about the specific USF team they’re betting on. It can also be an indicator of the caliber of opponents the Bulls may face in particular matches.

For example, the USF Men’s Basketball team is Division I. When the numbers are given a closer look, it shows that the team has only competed in the NCAA tournament. In total, they’ve entered the competition three times in their entire history. In 1990, 1992, and 2012. The statistics also show that the team has only passed the .500 win percentage three times in the past ten years.

Understanding the team’s numbers like win-loss ratios, the number of titles and others is vital. These factors can decrease or increase the chances of winning a bet.

4. Observe Team Composition

Team compositions can also be a vital indicator of the kind of performance the team will show during a tournament. Observing the team members will give the bettor an idea of the level of talent the group poses. It can also be used to cross-analyze with team statistics.

A losing win-loss percentage with a team made up of multiple All-Americans may be confusing. It can indicate that there is a problem with management, the program, or team chemistry. A winning percentage with a lineup of three-star recruits may show prowess in coaching and strategy. All these factors affect outcomes in games.

This can help the bettor in many ways. When the team’s coach has a problem with the players, then the coach gets fired. The players might respond to a new coach better and thus perform better as well. It may be a perfect time to place a bet.

When a “problem player” gets suspended or tossed, it might improve the team’s chemistry and performance the next game. Star-player suspensions may spell disaster for the team moving forward. All these reads can mean the difference between big bucks or shallow pockets.

5. Research Key-Player Conditions

Similar to knowing the team’s composition, researching key-player conditions are also necessary. These high-caliber players usually have a significant effect on a game’s outcome. Luckily, you can find info almost anywhere. Check out school websites, local papers, social media, or just the word around the street.

Factors like injuries, personal problems, teammates, or misunderstandings with the coach or management affect the critical player’s performance and condition. It can also be how long their last injury was or how long they have been with the team.

6. Bet Using The Mind, Not The Heart

Sports is almost synonymous with passion. Best players, greatest teams, and the best franchises always show a level of intensity. The same goes for the fans who whole-heartedly support these teams or players as well. When it comes to sports betting strategy, though, passion may lead to disaster.

The majority of the basis when making bets should come from numbers. Analytics and statistics can be more reliable than betting out of favoritism. At the end of the day, facts help you make intelligent choices.

7. Follow Trustworthy South Florida Bulls Tipsters

Certain people can be trusted when it comes to sports predictions. Some individuals have been following teams for years and are knowledgeable about every team aspect. In betting on the South Florida Bulls, advice from specific tipsters might make a huge difference.

These people can be anyone. It can be one of the assistant coaches or anyone from the staff with their own sports podcast. It can be a player who runs their mouth a little too much or can be one of the team members’ girlfriend or spouse. It can even be the janitor who hears the locker room talk.

8. Reverse-Line Movement Strategy

For those unfamiliar with the term, a reverse-line movement is when most of the bets are on a team, but the line moves in the other direction. The action most of the time is caused by sharp bettors. These people bet more money on the underdogs than the money most people bet on the favorite. Following this movement is like following the trail of breadcrumbs to exit the dark woods.

This strategy doesn’t guarantee a win every single time. What it ensures is more money than betting on favorites in the long run. So if the plan includes betting on USF teams over an extended period, this may be the best strategy to do.


Betting can be highly profitable but costly as well. It is an exciting hobby, especially when you’re on the winning side. Still, it helps to move wisely, especially in choosing the members to bet on. When in doubt, It is always better to quit than lose your bucks over nothing.



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