7 Tricks To Drive Traffic To Your YouTube Channel

7 Tricks To Drive Traffic To Your YouTube Channel

One of the most underrated social media marketing channels, YouTube holds endless potential owing to billions of active users. Ranking higher on YouTube can also make one appear under Google search results. Many YouTubers buy YouTube views or choose to buy YouTube subscribers initially to gain traction. 

In a world where engagement metrics and subscribers can translate to the success of your brand, we’re here with 7 tricks to drive traffic to your YouTube channel.

Get Acquainted With YouTube Seo

If you want to drive traffic to your YouTube channel, you first need to make your channel search-friendly. After all, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. To do that, you need to be familiar with YouTube SEO. Your channel name, channel description, YouTube tags, and video titles should have relevant and trending keywords. It’s also advisable to incorporate keywords naturally into your video content, providing additional context and aiding discoverability.

Your channel description must contain some valuable keywords; however, don’t oversell and end up spamming. It is also suggested to say some keywords in your YouTube videos and don’t forget to turn on subtitles and closed captions. To streamline this process, consider utilizing an AI subtitle generator free of charge, ensuring accurate and efficient integration of subtitles for improved accessibility and audience engagement

Appealing Thumbnails And Catchy Title

You cannot underestimate the power of first impressions, especially if you’re someone willing to grow organically. This is why you need to put in some extra effort while designing thumbnails and thinking of video titles. Don’t let laziness empower you by letting YouTube create a thumbnail for you, make sure that you’re customizing your own. 

Don’t forget to add annotations on your thumbnail for a better click-through rate. When it comes to your video titles, try to offer a solution or address a problem to catch users’ attention. So go and nail your thumbnail and title to drive traffic to your channel. 

Interact With Your Audience

Like all social media platforms, YouTube communities also thrive on regular interactions ad engagements. It’s important to personally interact with your audience so they keep coming back to your channel and help you gain traction. It takes a while to grow on YouTube especially if one isn’t choosing to buy YouTube subscribers, however, staying actively engaging can speed up the process. 

You cannot let dust accumulate on your audience’s comments, as that helps create a buzz. So reply to comments, attend YouTube events, address questions, and connect on other platforms. For more real-time interactions, go live!

Collaborations For A Win-win Situation

There several creators and influencers who are looking for the same thing that you want: visibility, reach, traction, and more subscribers. By partnering with brands, YouTubers and influencers; you can diversify your audience and drive traffic to your channel from new sources. 

So look for partners that go with your brand persona; however, avoid collaborating with your competitors. Bonus tip: One sure-shot way to make the most out of collaborations is by partnering up with influencers to hold giveaways and contests. Make sure to go big with your promotions to create hype. 

Start A Series

Starting a YouTube series is a great way to intrigue your subscribers’ interest and drive traffic to your YouTube channel. If you choose an intriguing topic and drop hints of doing so again, it will make your subscribers visit your channel for further updates. Moreover, since you’ll have to post regularly to continue the series, you’ll be favored by the YouTube algorithm to your advantage. YouTube series also help in establishing your authority, giving an impression that you have enough knowledge to talk about a particular subject. 

Everyone likes to visit a cohesive feed where it’s easier to find relevant videos, so make sure to create organized playlists for all your series. The auto-play feature of playlists can also shoot up your views or you also have the option to buy YouTube views. 

Leverage Tools

If you want to drive traffic towards your YouTube channel, focus on curating amazing content and leave the management aspect of it to the pros! There are several YouTube management or other third-party tools that can help you with different aspects of YouTube branding and marketing. 

You can use these tools to look for the most trending keywords for YouTube SEO, buy YouTube subscribers, auto-engage with the audience, check analytics, buy YouTube views, and create customized thumbnails and much more. 

Some of the must-check tools include TubeBuddy, Canva, VidIQ, and Social Blade. Make the best out of YouTube Studio, a free resource provided by YouTube, to check analytics and understand your audience better.


Last but not the least, you need to leverage your community on other social media platforms to drive traffic to your YouTube channel. There must be several creators in your niche who must be addressing the same topics, so it’s important to ask your community to check out your videos and create cyclical sharing. 

Embed your video in your blog, add your channel link to your email marketing strategy, alert your Instagram community, and post your YouTube links on Facebook. This will help in increasing your channel’s visibility and amplify your content. 


Even if you’ve chosen to buy YouTube views, you still need to put in efforts to maintain a steady flow of traffic driven to your YouTube channel. 

So make sure to incorporate these tricks into your YouTube strategy and be prepared to witness YouTube success in no time!

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