How To Improve Audience Retention On YouTube

How To Improve Audience Retention On YouTube

What is audience retention on YouTube?

This is the average duration of user viewing. It is calculated as a percentage. A good indicator is 50% retention. Videos with a high level of audience retention are more likely to come out in the recommended section because YouTube likes videos that keep people watching.

High retention YouTube views are a very important metric when promoting your channel on YouTube. Your videos are offered to the audience based on an algorithm in which the total viewing time of a particular video is more important than how many people click on the video to watch it.

If viewers watch your video for a long time, it is likely to be offered to other users to watch. In this way, viewers and subscribers will grow. And these, as we know, are the main indicators of a successful YouTube channel.

So you can also attract more attention to a particular video and if it is based on advertising, the advertising campaign will bring a lot more success than you first planned.

How to increase audience retention on YouTube?

  1. Use storytelling method

Take a single topic or situation and begin to talk about it gradually on the channel. It will become a mini-series. You have to be an interesting storyteller to keep their attention.

Think about what you can tell the audience, what topic can grab their attention, watch the video to the end and wait for a new series. Every video should be like a drama with a script: the plot, the climax, the denouement, and the transition to the new part (next video).

  1. Use b-rolls

These are additional shots that show the action from different angles. For example, you can shoot them on a separate camera in parallel to the main action, but from a different angle.

It requires your time and effort. You need to shoot additional shots to make them look organic and interesting. They must be shot separately for each video.

  1. Buy high retention YouTube views

It is like an additional tool to raise your audience retention rate. You can buy YouTube views in just a few minutes. If you work with a trusted site, you will be watched by real people.

  1. Clipping

This is a technique in which one scene is not more than 3 seconds, then it is followed by the next. Thus, the viewer is not tired and on the contrary, watches with pleasure because clipping is dynamic.

You don’t have to shoot the whole video in this way. It will be enough for you to make a few seconds with such a montage.

  1. Pay attention to the TV videos

TV is a great example of how to keep a viewer’s attention. Turn on a program that you like. Study the editing techniques they use, and remember the angles and effects.

  1. Create a mini studio at home

Find and choose interesting locations in your home. It could be a single-color wall, a beautiful closet, or a cozy corner in the hallway. If necessary, buy additional details that will organically complement the frame: plants, lamps, pillows, and other decorative items that will match the topic of the video.

  1. Use infographics

This type of content is great for diversifying your video. Moreover, the viewer will be interested in seeing the information in this form. It can be as simple graphics in PowerPoint or complex diagrams.

All these techniques will increase the time you work on your video, but when you start using these tips you will see the result. The main thing is not to give up!


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