7 Best Ways to Manage your Instagram Account like a Pro

7 Best Ways to Manage your Instagram Account like a Pro

Instagram plays a crucial role in our day-to-day lives. Whether it is for entertainment or business, Instagram provides tons of content to keep the audience engaged. As a marketer, it is crucial to manage your Instagram account efficiently to hook your target audience and gain more likes on Instagram. 

But often, it becomes challenging, especially for beginners to grow on Instagram rapidly. You can buy Instagram followers to boost your presence. However, there are additional steps that you should take to stay ahead in your niche. 

Usually, a simple, aesthetic-centric profile with regular content delivery keeps the audience engaged. So, make sure that your Instagram account is not too disorganized. To do this, we suggest creating an editable checklist template and using it to maintain your profile. Is it possible to do that? In this article, you will find a list of the seven best ways to manage your Instagram account like a pro. 

Create an Appealing Instagram Profile 

Your profile is the first thing that anyone sees when they view your content. Therefore, creating the best first impression is crucial. It determines whether or not the viewer will follow you. So, focus on optimizing your Instagram profile by setting up a professional profile image. It can be your brand logo or a professional photo of yourself. Ensure that the profile image is consistent on all social media networks. 

Second, optimize your Instagram bio by providing your username and a brief description of your business. Use SEO keywords in your bio to rank higher on the search results page. Finally, set a theme and a color scheme for your Instagram profile to make it look appealing. 

Target Your Audience 

Once you have optimized your Instagram profile, create a target audience to showcase your products. Your target audience can be anyone interested in your niche and your brand. The first step to finding your target audience is to understand what problems your product can solve and which group of people will be more interested in purchasing it. 

One of the best ways to find your target audience is to study your competitors. Look what type of audience they cater to and what type of engagement they receive. You can also use data analytics tools to refine your target audience based on demographic details. 

Another way to find your target audience is to get help from social media management tools and buy Instagram followers suitable for your niche. You can then use their demographic details to target a similar audience on Instagram. 

For example, our site has created pages meant directly for our audience including: Top 10 Jamaican Patois Phrases You Should Know and The 7 Most Famous People From The Caribbean.

Create a Content Calendar 

Having a content calendar is important to create compelling posts in advance. This helps you to stay well-organized. It allows you to post content regularly. Thus, helping you gain more likes and engagement on Instagram. 

Creating content in advance also ensures that you never run out of content. You can get help from any social media management tool to design the perfect content calendar. Collect photos, create videos, infographics, and animated content to create interesting posts. Use the relevant hashtag, write an interesting caption and schedule your posts to stay ahead of your competition. 

Set a Post Publishing Schedule 

In the above step, we talked about creating a content calendar and scheduling posts in advance. Scheduling a post is an integral part of social media marketing. It helps you stay organized and post regular content on your Instagram profile. Thus, keeping your audience engaged. 

There are several post-scheduling tools that you can use to schedule your posts in advance. This automated process saves time and takes away the tension and sense of urgency. Moreover, it allows you to stay focused on creating high-quality content. 

Use Automation Tools 

Automation tools are excellent for organizing your marketing strategy and easing down the pressure. We took a look at the post scheduling tool in the above step and saw how smoothly you can create and schedule your post in advance to publish regular content. Just like this, several automation tools can be used to boost productivity and save time. 

Chabot is another example of an automation tool that is used to give prompt responses to the audience’s queries in the comments or DMs on Instagram. Most social media management services provide different automation tools for specific purposes. Use them wisely to create a powerful Instagram marketing strategy. 

Keep your Audience Engaged

Engagement on Instagram is the most important factor that boosts your brand visibility. Creating compelling content, using the right hashtags, and writing interesting captions help to attract the audience. Further, it helps you to gain more likes, comments, and followers on Instagram. You can also increase engagement by buying Instagram followers. 

Another best way to keep your audience engaged is to reply to their comments, answer their questions and interact with them. Use Instagram stories and live broadcasts to share valuable updates, customer reviews, behind-the-scenes, and much more. 

A high engagement rate works well with the Instagram algorithm which boosts your account and exposes it to your target audience. Thus helping you gain more followers on Instagram. 

Write fresh content about current events. One of the most recent pieces we wrote included a comeback story about the Jamaican women’s soccer team. This is engaging content.

Use Instagram Insights  

Instagram Insights is a data analytics tool for business accounts on Instagram. Here, you can track the performance rate of your posts, monitor the number of followers, and check the engagement rate. You can also find information about your audience, their demographic details, what type of content they like, and what time they are most active. 

All these monitoring metrics help to refine your Instagram marketing strategy. Further, it helps you grow your Instagram presence. 


Instagram provides an easy user interface and accessibility to numerous features that can be used to increase engagement on Instagram. Instagram typically works in two approaches – the first is posting visual content and the second is consuming it. Often, the creators find it challenging to stay up to date with regular posts. 

The above tips help to ease the process of content creation and publishing posts. Thus, helping you manage your Instagram account effectively and efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Implement the above tips in your marketing strategy and manage your Instagram account.



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